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#MirakeeMonday #2- The Strong Ones

Welcome to a new week Friends. This is the second post under #MirakeeMonday, where I share with you the writes I have put up on the Mirakee App. If you don't know what Mirakee is about, you can click this... Continue Reading →


+18 Lohan looked at the sight in front on him. His wife. Well it was her crotch that in his front, but that was just by the way. They had spoken about this a week ago. It was happening now,... Continue Reading →

#TenFactsTuesday- Mathematics

Hi there! Welcome to a new blog post. Are you checking your calendars and such? It's Wednesday. Fret not 😀. I couldn't put it up on Tuesday cause of reasons. School, Tests, Books, yeah. All that. So...MATHEMATICS, or as I've... Continue Reading →


His fist landed on the table with so much force that Lolu shook despite the fact that she was talking to him. Standing up to him. Albeit for the first time. He of course picked on her fear, and the... Continue Reading →

Mirakee Monday #1

Hi there! 😀 In some posts ago I mentioned I opened an account under Mirakee...and since I know not many people know about it, I'll just give a brief. Mirakee is sort of like even has the tap and... Continue Reading →

#FlashFictionFriday- Talk

It's Saturday, but this is for Yesterday. Enjoy. She turned and stopped just before she bumped into the person. She kept her head down as she turned, not bothering to look up, but a hand came down on her right... Continue Reading →

My Week in A Wrap #TheLawStudentLife

(I'll be putting some pictures of mine in this post cause I know you've missed seeing me 😏) It's 3:21 A.M It wasn't until I saw a notification from my Instagram Account (the one linked to the blog) that I... Continue Reading →

#Dreams- Disjointed Scenes

So I'm still trying to grasp on this one... You were sitting on a chair, and a girl that attended my secondary school, Yanmike, was on your lap. I don't think I've thought of this girl since I left Secondary... Continue Reading →


Good day my good people. It's Tuesday, and I'm going to be sharing ten random fact about a subject with you. What I'm going to be sharing ten facts about this Tuesday is noodles. One quickie (hah! 😜). Okay one... Continue Reading →

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