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"Writing is the strip tease of the soul" – Anne Marie. My writings. My life.


Nowadays, what is the norm is questioning what has being the normal for long. We want to know why what is what, why we do things. If you say you're doing something, or you say it's right, why do you... Continue Reading →

Coming home, and some other talks. 

I made my first almost permanent trip away from home in 2009, when I was to resume high school. I was 9 years, to clock ten the next month. We resumed early September. I don't remember much from that time,... Continue Reading →

Day 3, The Ten Day You Challenge (Three Films) 

Hiii. This is my third day in the ten day you challenge, where for ten days I am giving something to talk about, and the amount of challenges given increases as the day.  This is the first hurdle I'm facing... Continue Reading →


For the ones that are still reading, this story is in parts. Below are the ones before this, to aid for better understanding.  1. LEXI'S STORY : HOW IT STARTED  2. LEXI'S STORY : THE FIRST TIME 3. LEXI'S STORY : FILTHY 4.... Continue Reading →

Day 2, Ten Day You Challenge (Two Songs)

It's no secret that songs are a very huge part of my life. Everyone who knows me, including my blog friends that have been here following me for quite a while know I used to do a Tuesday Music Lyric post(The... Continue Reading →

Day 1, The Ten Day You Challenge (One Picture)

Hi Hiii how is your day going? Good I dare hope? It's Monday, and so many people despise it for reason that it's the first working day after the weekend.  I've never really had an issue with Monday though. We've... Continue Reading →


It's one thing to stay with mummy in the kitchen when she's cooking and giving her a hand with getting the things she needs for the food, it's another thing to do it on your own. Here I am going... Continue Reading →

Lexi’s Story: FILTHY

This is the third part in the telling of Lexis story. If this is your first time reading, it is Lexi's recount of her struggle with pornography addiction. I would advise for the readers to be 18 plus, but I... Continue Reading →

The Writer’s Ink Award

It's been a while since I did an award post...courtesy to my sometimes lazy self😯🙈. Anyway, I got nominated for one not to long ago by Adoma from and as you can see from the title, it's the writers ink award.  RULES: ... Continue Reading →

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