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Your Taint.

I confess. I wanted no less. A perfect one. For all eon. One sinful, Yet untainted. I was tainted, And someone who was not, But had the answers to the lot- To help me understand, Was what I wanted. I... Continue Reading →


Hi guyyys. It's been soo long. I miss y'all. I miss blog life. Anyways, this post is long over due. I've been wanting to update y'all on how things are going, but I've not gotten to it. Wrong mood, and... Continue Reading →

A bit of a ramble…and a link to hearing me speak!

I wouldn't exactly call myself shy, but I keep certain things to myself for certain reasons, reasons I'm not even sure of yet but hope to crack writing this. Am I scared of what people would think? No. I don't... Continue Reading →


Millie got the huge leaf and flew away, excited that she was almost done with her nest. She imagined the look that would grace her friends faces when they saw her nest, and she flew faster. After a while, she... Continue Reading →


My dearest, Don't keep me waiting. When I say about myself, You think I'm the most simple, ordinary person! Books only? Some may even go as far to say I am clich├ęd. But how not so am I! Ah, But... Continue Reading →


Sammie repeatedly pressed her horn, getting pissed by the second. Today at work had not been good. She was thinking of probably visiting that bar up the street and calling that sexy bloke up for a chat. Yeah. A chat... Continue Reading →


"Strut." "Strut. Yes girl. You're getting it. I told you you were a genius at this" The young female gave a laugh, but Marilyn could not be sure if it was a laugh. The young female relaxed again, and Marilyn... Continue Reading →


While at work this morning, I took some pictures on snapchat (I'll tell you the reason soon). Anyways as I went through my gallery, I thought. Why don't I make a tag! And this was born. ......okay let's go back.... Continue Reading →


About a month ago, I published my birthday post, and there I made reference to something I had cooked that morning, which was stew. Andrew said he wanted me to do a post on how I got it done, and... Continue Reading →

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