Sam Smith: Pray (Cover)

Hi guysss, so pending the time I get more active on the blog (i.e After exams, i.e sometime around October), I've decided to share on here a cover I recorded on YouTube about a month ago. Give it a listen, tell me what you think, and of course, subscribe to the channel, and like the… Continue reading Sam Smith: Pray (Cover)

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Rice Water: How To Make and Application Process (YT)

Hi Hiii This is your very amazing inactive blogger reporting to you. Some two weeks ago, I made a video, and I put it on YouTube. For a while I had watched rice water videos for hair, and when I decided to do mine, I decided to record it, and that is what is in… Continue reading Rice Water: How To Make and Application Process (YT)

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Book Review: Heartbreak For Hire by Tabatha Vargo; Melissa Andrea

Heartbreak for Hire. This book was refreshing. The first thing that attracted me to get it was the title. Heartbreak for Hire? I could not think of what such a novel might actually contain. Me? Miss I doubt there isn't a plot I haven't read (Lol I'm totally not that, because I appreciate how far… Continue reading Book Review: Heartbreak For Hire by Tabatha Vargo; Melissa Andrea

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I am just beginning to nurse my fourth bottle when I hear the bang. I wish something would jolt me awake. No. No. What I want is not to feel. I hate that I know the number of bottle I'm on now. I hate that I can hear the sound of hushed voices around and… Continue reading Hollow

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The Fourth

I'm staring directly at the clock when I hear his foot steps. When I hear the door rattle as he pushes his Key in. I'm staring at the clock, but I'm not looking at it. This has been routine for six months that now. I don't need to concentrate on the clock to know that… Continue reading The Fourth

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Singing Say it First by Sam Smith

Hi everyone! So...I uploaded a video on YouTube yesterday singing Say it First by Sam Smith. It's one of my favourite songs from the Album (The Thrill of it All) There are no instrumentals, but I think I did okay even without. Shaky at some spots, but overall not so bad. Here's the link to… Continue reading Singing Say it First by Sam Smith