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Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice. (Hair Edition) 

Hi there....  As you can see from the post title, this post is going to be about hair! You know what's even better? It's about "my" hair! How awesome is that? 😅 Some of you know, I'm on "natural" hair,... Continue Reading →

Intentional? I’m not sure. 

I know she's not doing it intentionally.  As much as it infuriates me to a great extent,  I want to remember that she doesn't know this.  She wouldn't even understand if I told her she was doing it.  She'll try... Continue Reading →

I think my notifications are scared of me! 

There's this thing my WordPress app like to do. I'll like to know if it's like that for you too.  I use my phone to do every blogging related thing because it's easy, plus I don't have a WiFi, and... Continue Reading →

Just Stop. 

Have you ever felt that way?  Like someone just wants to steal your shine?  The fact is... They don't really.  You just feel that way.  Whenever you do something  It seems like they're there.  Whenever you join something, They want... Continue Reading →

Ceiling Boxes + Picture Prompt. 

Hauwa stared at the ceiling and counted the boxes for what she wanted to believe was the 100th time – really she hadn’t been keeping count. Whenever she had a moment of consciousness and remembered she was staring at a... Continue Reading →

Tales About Dad. 

Hiiiiiiii....  It's Father's Day! For a while now I've been here sitting on my bed (my roomie's actually 😅😯) trying to construct a poem to dedicate to dad, but the words don't seem enough, and I've decided to rivert to... Continue Reading →


I stared at the ceiling as I laid on the bed Another failed outing I've been led.  Lisa said I would find what I wanted at the club But all I wanted to was hide.  Guys offering to spank  Domination... Continue Reading →

I Want To Ask… 

And when you aren't answering my texts,  And I know you have seen it,  And I don't want to be crazy, To question why.  Why you haven't replied.  To ask, Whether you see me as a pest.  I want to... Continue Reading →


I listened silently as he finished his bit.  I couldn't help it.  At the beginning,  It seemed like a goal,  To be his friend.  The friend that meant so much.  I liked it when I left impact. I never thought... Continue Reading →

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