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Hi there, and welcome to a new post. In this post, I am going to be telling you about some novels I’m going to be reading that doesn’t fall in the genre of romance. If you’ve been following this blog... Continue Reading →


The prompt for SocS (Stream of Consciousness Saturday) is Door. Write about a door you walked in that wasn't yours. I don't participate in the SocS, but while reading Ritu's blog, I saw it, I decided to do today, cause... Continue Reading →


After reading a book review by a blogger I follow, a thought that I had been harboring for a while but had been taking back seat came to the fore of my mind. Making money through writing book reviews. Btw,... Continue Reading →


Hiii thereeeeeeeeeeeeee I hope you’re having a good day. If you aren’t, sit back and relax, cause your day is bout to be better. As I mentioned in a previous post (FEMIIESTHER MIGHT (FINALLY) HAVE A FAVORITE NOVEL???!!), I have... Continue Reading →


Word- Chaos Mariah entered the flat she lived in with three of her friends and wondered at the chaos that seemed to be happening in one of the rooms. She entered the room the noise seemed to be coming from,... Continue Reading →


Hi theeeerrrrrreee!! I hope you're having a good day. Right now, I’m sitting on my bed, typing on my laptop, and reveling in the feeling of not being online-I mean, not having data, and thus not being online of course.... Continue Reading →


Her screams filled his air as he stamped on the brake continuously. His knuckles were white, partly from the fear of the inevitable and partly from his grip on the steering. He served madly in an attempt to nestle the... Continue Reading →

Stifle (Continued)

Read the first part here- Stifle And further, Till she stopped in his front. She raised her hands to his chest, and felt the rapid heart beat. She prayed she was doing the right thing. She stood on her toes,... Continue Reading →


I had Azra nominate me for the TMI tag cause I read it on her blog, thought it was fun, and decided to do it as well, here we are. She writes on Make-up, and fashion sometimes, so if you... Continue Reading →

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