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The…Beginning (Hiiiii)

Did my last post say that was the end? Well you are currently reading this so that one definitely was not the end. In fact, I don't think the end will come till a long long time after, but what do I know? I did say I was ending it on WordPress, and I'm back,… Continue reading The…Beginning (Hiiiii)

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Love (EmptyingMyDrafts2)

"I love you." He turned to face her, and then looked at the weights he was carrying just a moment ago. "I don't." "I...know." He looked around, no one was within ear shot, but he was not comfortable. "Can we do this over...uh dinner?" "A date? Yeah totally. The restaurant downstairs? Seven? " Blinking rapidly… Continue reading Love (EmptyingMyDrafts2)

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Two Part / Spaced Bun Tutorial on All Hair Types

Products Used: -My trusty spray bottle which has water and a little bit of tea tree oil and lavender oil. -Wide Tooth Comb -360 Style Wave Control -Aloevera / Eko Style Gel -Two black ribbons -A lovely smile 😉 Click on the link below to watch the video.

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The Lights

"Mummyyyyy" Gerald shouted, swallowing hard as he fumbled for the light switch. "Mummyyy" There was so sound, and he was afraid. This was why he hated this neighborhood. There was no sound. He liked his peace alright, but not the type that there was no house for miles. Miles. Who lived in places like this?… Continue reading The Lights