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Writing is the strip tease of the soul.

One sided

When you have someone Who's ready to pick you back up at every fall,  Don't go ignoring them,  Or not giving them a time of the day,  Just because you are now in a happy place,  And someone you happen... Continue Reading →

Taking The Plunge

​"Would you?" I swallowed, and looked back at him. "What?" He shook his head, and stood up.  "Why do you keep doing this to us?" He asked.  I didn't know why.  This had been going on For a year now, ... Continue Reading →


I watched the trees, and enjoyed the peaceful aura. This was my place, before Anna barged into my life. I smiled as I thought of the day she walked up to me, commented on my hair, and called me pretty,... Continue Reading →

Pebbles / Today #1

​I threw pebbles into the water, and watched it's movement inside the water. It was all peaceful here. The few people that were here looked like me. Immersed in their thoughts. There were more couples than singles though, hugging, and... Continue Reading →

Your Shine

We struggled to climb the steep hill, long grass swaying against me in the late night breeze. When we had finally made it to the top, a blue velvet sky crushing us underneath its weight, we collapsed together, flattening down... Continue Reading →

Forgetting Bieber’s Birthday.

A few of you are probably rolling your eyes. What? Is she twelve? So what if she forget Biebers birthday? No one above fifteen is that crazy about him anyway.  Oh hey hey... I'll correct you there. I really like... Continue Reading →

A Chance At Love 

I watched as he raised his head up to look at me, and my heart beat quickened more than I would have thought it capable. I had done it. I had confessed my love for him. It was probably stupid, I mean, it's what... Continue Reading →

The Visit.

She watched me light it, a brilliant flare in the gloomy night, and put it to my lips.  "I didn't know you smoked."  I exhaled, a poison cloud coming between us.  "I don't."  She huffed at me and leaned back,... Continue Reading →

What’s up with her anyway? / Boyfriend? 

Hi. You might have noticed... I'm not as active as I used to be. That's because of school, and I haven't had much time to build my readers, look for more bloggers to be friend, or work on my blog if... Continue Reading →

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