Who else does this? The tornado thing? 
I think everyone says they’re bored. Even times when they aren’t, at least I think so.  

Anyway, I’m reading a novel, a novel I’ve read on hard cover before. I remembered it yesterday and I downloaded it online. I’m reading the book again and I’m cringing. Some things are so not realistic, but I like them that way. 
I’m also thinking about school. I wrote an exam a few weeks ago and I passed. Thank God. Next year I’m resuming for second year in the university  and sometimes I cant help but think about it. I can definitely get used to staying at home and going for my sowing lessons, but I miss the school environment.

Anybody has any good novel to recommend? Cliche or not. Please do recommend. (When I just got home from school I downloaded classics… You know, Shakespeare, Chauncer, and the likes, but I haven’t gotten around to reading them. It doesn’t hold my interest as much as I’ll love it to) .

And I’m also thinking of posting some poetic works here on my blog(not my work though.) Got to know him from instagram and I’m still debating asking for his permission to use his works on here. What do you think?  Oh, and if you have any blog you like and think I’ll like too, kindly comment their sites or username.