Blog worthy? What’s that? The phrase came up in my head while I was in a mini transport /bus/tricycle/keke napep on the way to my sowing lesson. The image is above. I was thinking, what was blog worthy? You know, enough to blog about, but I really didn’t come up with anything. It’s your blog, so you make whatever posts you want blog worthy.

If you read Night Thoughts(Posted yesterday) , then you have an idea what this is going to be like…(Writing my thoughts as they come)  Except it won’t be as deep.  

Today was a wet day. Wet days are welcome when I’m indoors but when I’m out, hell no! Especially when I’m trekking. That’s just the worse. When I left the house this morning I guess I should have just carried a damn umbrella. You never know when the rain decides to pour… and it’s effing unpredictable. I’m typing like this cause I’m basically recalling the sour  mood I was in this morning. The ground was all wet and dirty mixed with sand, cars sloshing water on you… NOT fun. 

My hair was WET. I hate that. Plus, I was wet every where(no no. Don’t think it.Damn! I said don’t!😖).  I was drenched. Not palatable. And oh lord, I was irritable. When I finally entered the keke napep that would take me to my next stop, it wasn’t as bad but wasn’t still nice either. The roof was not able to endure the heavy downpour and the sides were raining water mercilessly. 

When I got down, I had to get something quick, before I entered the next keke napep to convey me to my final destination. None were available. I stayed for about a minute under the rain, hating every second of it before I noticed a covered place where people were staying, just opposite where the napepes would take passengers. 

Within two minutes I saw a napep and I crossed immediately, glad I wasn’t going to stay any longer… Then what happens? This small woman carrying a baby at her back pleads with me to let her stay and she carries me, “because of the baby”. I couldn’t refuse. She offered to let me sit on her lap(quite mortifying. I won’t say the choice I chose.) Then a stupid man looked at me and told me to come sit in his lap…thats just… plain…(I honestly have no words to explain just how disgusting that statement felt to me)  

The day got better after that. You probably guessed it. The rain ceased to a small drizzle. 

I’m thinking right now that hours before, (when I was tired to type) I had my head quite full with all I was going to talk about and now it’s just… Nothing! Poof! Gone! 

Okay, I remember something, when this instagram couple kinda abused(?) me cause I commented on a picture of he and his mum (a sweet comment). Apparently that didn’t seem to seat well with he and his girlfriend, and they sent me some nasty comments. Made me change my username. I’m so not going into my issues with why I do those things cause I did enough of that yesterday. I remembered this cause I checked my instagram today and I saw that a girlfriend of a guy I follow now follows me. It might be normal, but I think maybe it’s cause of the rate I like people’s pictures. Like… You can post ten pictures on your wall, and I’ll like seven of them, given that I actually do like them. Infact, I could like the whole ten but I wouldn’t want to seem like a creep so… 

This actually gets me smiling. The fact that she’s might just be watching out for her boy friend. Have no worries girl. I don’t like him. Are you wondering how I know the name of his girlfriend? Be rest assured. I’m no creep. His bio has her name in it, and his recents post has her name in it. It stays in my head okay? My head chooses to remember those things. 

Lord! Why am I even talking about this? And why am I assuring you that I’m not a creep… Okay really. Really. I’m not. 

Okay now I’m thinking of life goals… Where I would be in five, ten, no. Seven years… In thinking work, lover (💝) , having my life in order. Seriously, nowadays all I see are posts on how no one is really where they want to be. Of course everyone can’t reach their mile stones at the same time but I don’t want to be where I really want to be when I’ll be too old enough to enjoy the place. I don’t even like thinking of myself old. 

….I’m just not cut out for inspiration stuff this night, but I’ll drop a picture anyway. Just something real. You know… You want to stay real. See what I’m saying. Not ready to talk inspiration. 

Okay, now I’m thinking of my book. A novel I just begun writing. So far, it’s moving forward and I’m glad about that cause this story is one I had the inspiration for two years ago. Somehow, with more inspiration coming, I still have not been able to just not write that story. I mean, there are some stories I write that when I read it a year later I begin to try to imagine what prompted me to write  it. I’ve begun this novel up to six times, most probably more, but I’ve never been able to complete it. I just hope it doesn’t happen with this one too. 
So… Until my next post, or share.