Why Falling In Love Scares The Shit Out Of Me – http://wp.me/puV3f-2yVF

Falling in love doesn’t “scare the Shit out of me”. I want to know what love feels like, but some other times, the concept of giving your all to someone and get it crushed is quite disconcerting. 

I’ve never really had a “close friend”, so I’m not familiar with telling secrets, and all to a particular someone. I never really seem able to do it. Some how, some deep instinct in me has never actually trusted anyone anyone to tell them what’s really up, and somehow I want to know what it would be like to have a best friend. 

I think I’m those sort of people who ever only fall in love once (this notion has been planted by novels of course, but it might be real, who knows?)  

So yeah, trusting someone and giving them my all actually thrills me kind of…  It’s just the hurt so commonly associated with love that doesn’t seem to make me eager to experience it. (Not like I can control how it comes seriously… but well, whatever.)

By the way, just as I was writing the above paragraph I noticed the word “fall”. Fall in love?  Why fall?  Fall is a word that denotes a negative stuff, like falling into the gutter, but it could also be falling into your mothers arms so I guess that point is moot. 

I’m pretty much just typing my thoughts and yeah I said I was too lazy to make my blog post cause I was hungry but I just eat a gizzard and I’m going to eat a burger soon so yeah. I’m going to post in the night, which is like four five hours from now.