I’m dissapointed right now, and I’ll tell you about it (I doubt if anyone’s even reading this)  I even started typing it, but I decided it wasn’t going to risk souring your mood just cause mine is. 

Anyway, while in school a few months ago, I left the hostel I was staying to get a few things from the market and I saw her(the primary school friend)   and we talked for a short while and exchanged contacts. We chatted just a while ago and it was just uncomfortable pleasantries. You know… Hey, how are you? I’m fine… How’s the family and stuff. 

This was what I was initially going to talk about but not anymore. I am currently learning how to sew, and I sew a gown for my mum. I felt really happy doing it, and even when I made errors, I good naturedly loosed stiches and sew them correctly. (If it was my cloth I’ll have grumbled half way through loosing the stich, and all way while I did the right thing). I brought the gown home today, happy but still not texting her that I had completed it cause I just wanted it to be a surprise. 

She came home a while ago… Like thirty minutes ago. First thing she said when I showed it to her was “I thought it was going to be skirt and blouse… I wanted a skirt and blouse”. That shattered me, but I waited for her to wear it if she would like it. Before she wore it, she said it looked too big  and I said it was okay since I could always fit it to her size. She wore it, she didn’t like it.(My screen is blurry now cause tears are filling my eyes).

She showed me places I didn’t do the right thing, and I guess it wouldn’t hurt me this much if I didn’t put so much expectation to her behavior on it. She then told me to get a gown she already had, something like what I sewed, and as I was leaving the room it seemed like she noticed my mood and she said I actually tried. That alone brought tears to my eyes cause her saying I did meant I really didn’t. My dad then just had to say how it was a zero.  This is why I’m not going to go seriously into sowing (commercially) . Just for myself mainly, maybe my sister, and close friends, but not something I’ll be doing. It’s not like I enjoy sewing, it’s just that I had a luxury of six months and I had to put it in good use by learning a trade. 

Anyway, that’s going to be all. The heading was going to be all I was going to talk about, but not anymore. Not with this mood. 

Until my next post love(s) I’m assuming someone is reading this❤❤