I was going to write a long ass message regarding this image above. Infact, I had written like six paragraphs, but it wasn’t flowing out of me the way I wanted it to so I’ll just say something short. 

Why do guys feel it’s their right for them to ask personal questions and feel they deserve an answer. Especially guys you don’t know. They think because they’re asking to become your friend you should suddenly reveal all your secrets to them?. If there’s a connection between the man and the lady, that’s different, but when there isn’t, and you want to force out information from her? Excuse me?  Why on earth do to think you have every right to demand answers from her?  When she says no, cause she can’t believe what a prick you are by asking absurd questions at a first chat(it could be the tenth. I don’t care. It’s her choice) , you take offence, and you begin to call her all sort of names. 

I believe it’s all a result of what the society has ingrained on us. Men, believing they’re so superior that no other person’s (ladies) decision would be respected except theirs, and there fore thinking every lady they’re going to approach would just submit to them.

I’m not a feminist. I just believe we should be treated in a just manner. You don’t insult a lady just because she has set certain rules regarding her relationships with people so she wouldn’t be mistreated. I don’t mean crazy absurd rules but then, it’s everyone to his choice. If you are so interested with a girl who’s got some crazy rule on how to treat a guy when he approaches her, alrighty then. You’re the one interested. Deal with it. 

However when it’s just things like keeping private things private till she feels ready and willing  enough to share it with you, you should respect that decision and not act like a jerk just cause she isn’t doing things the way you want her to do them. Are you looking for a puppet? 

I didn’t know it was going to be this long, but I guess it’s what it is. At least this came out easily, since I poured out my disgust on guys mistreating ladies just cause they don’t let you walk all over them. I’ve experienced these things first hand, so I know what I’m talking about when I say we don’t like it. 

No matter how submissive a person might appear to be, (S)he also wants you to treat him/ her right and respect his/ her opinions and decisions. (S)He is human too. Don’t forget that