Just as you see in the heading, we all got our share of moments where nothing seems to go right. When you under take a decision you believe is best and it doesn’t work out. Don’t think it’s the end. No. It isn’t. 

The fact that a decision you have failed does not mean nothing would ever work out for you. It doesn’t mean you should be in misery and just separate yourself from people, and the world. 

I’m not going to begin telling you how many past failures of individuals has led to inventions. We hear these stories all the time. In science, in Arts, it’s no different. If you need to cry, let it out. Don’t lock up emotions in yourself. If you’re going to talk it out with someone(if you have someone to talk it out to), then go for it. If you don’t have anyone you can pour out your emotions to without feeling you would be judged, its alright. You can embrace your strength, and do what you need to do. 

No matter how perfect a person’s life might seem, you have to know it I really is not. No one has everything going smooth for them. You have to know that. So when nothing seems right, know that every person experiences this, but it remains your choice to not let it stop you. It remains your choice to move forward despite the odds. 

I saw the picture above on Facebook and decided to talk on it. We all face so much difficulty and sometimes there is really no one to talk to. Parents might not really understand, there is the tendency for friends to judge, and to avoid all these, we keep in our misery, and don’t move forward. 

I’m telling you this as I’m telling myself. Also, sometimes it helps to talk to strangers. If you’re having a hard time facing difficulties in life, and you don’t think there really is anyone to talk to, I’ll be ready to listen. I don’t promise to make the situation any better, but I promise to listen. I also promise to make you feel like you’ve got a friend, who would listen without judging you. Sometimes, that’s all we really need. For someone to listen. If you have friends you’ve met online, and trust them enough, talk to them. It would help. Way better than bottling it all in. 

 My email is femiiesther@gmail.com if you want to talk. 

I guess what made me write on this particular picture is because I see people suffering everyday, people trying to hide their sorrows with smiles, even when it shatters them doing it. 

If you follow me and have read my other posts (just a few though. I’m new here) you know that there are some times I’m playful, emotional, too real, and just, blogging. However today, I wanted to be inspired. I spoke to myself, and decided to share it with you. 

I hope this post spoke to you. Till my next post, and after, stay happy.