Hi everyone. Hope you’re having a great day so far… I’ve got an issues to discuss as you. Okay. On Shaving legs. I was on my bed, in my room when I sat up and ran my hands over my legs. Okay. Hello hair. 

I looked at the hair and.. *insert grim face*. Two weeks ago while I was at the doctors taking some injections and bawling my eyes out (with no sound. Weird if you ask me. The doctor thought so too).  My mom was rubbing my legs in a comforting gesture. When we got home, she commented on how hairless my leg was. Said she believed the hair was put for a reason. Hope I hadn’t begun shaving it again (She caught me once shaving with my bathroom door opened and told me it wasn’t right). Told her I stopped. (I did for a while, and then I couldn’t not shave my legs). I continued shaving but I quit a few weeks ago because of the tedious process. It’s not fun shaving my legs. Genitals, under arms, alrighty. But my legs, nah. When I’m going out and wear a dress that reveal a little bit of my legs(not really. I’m of a short height, so… Yeah.), I do shave. But lately I’ve been home going almost no where and the laziness to do it kicks in BIG TIME
I shave my legs when I’m feeling extremely happy, and have time on my hands and I do not have to worry that the time I was using to shave my legs I could just do something else. After all, where was I going? You guessed it. No where. 

Personally, I don’t like seeing hair on ladies legs. If they are there but not very visible, alright but when they are hairy and such, it doesn’t please my sight. (Note. “Me”. The person could give no fucks about what any other person thought). I enjoy seeing smooth shaven legs in women. Slender, fat, whatever. It looks feminine to me.

Okay. Now. Let’s talk about it on males. I don’t like it when males shave their legs. I’m going to be honest here. I think hair on men’s legs looks very sexy. I love the feel of the hair on their skin. Does that make sense? I also like seeing hair on men’s chest, though it doesn’t have to be all over. I don’t know if I would like it that way. 

It’s standard for a lady to keep her under arms shaven . I have no problem about that. I personally think its basic hygiene, and have no fear. I don’t negotiate shaving  my under arms. It’s like having my bath, and brushing my teeth. Now, on men shaving their underarms. Honestly, I don’t know if I like the hair there or like it just bare. I’ve read different articles saying it makes them more… sexy? (What do you think?) I don’t know if I like it or not really. Guys here, ladies,  what are your opinions on this? I’m curious. 

Shaving cream flavours? I’m pretty sure it’s just male shaving creams that are perfumed. At least I’ve not seen a ladies shaving cream that smells citrus, sandal Woody(huh? Saw this in a novel). I haven’t tried so many brands of female shaving creams since I’m constant with one, but I believe it has neutral smells. I guess the nice smell male shaving creams have is just for attraction. A lady likes a man that smells good. 

From Esther, Awaiting your thoughts on the issue.