I didnt want to post cause I wasn’t feeling it, but that would be not posting in two days in a row and I’m trying to be consistent here. There’s this thing I’ve noticed happens with me. When I newly get into something, I really like it, but the excitement might die after a few days but I’m trying to work on myself more and do what I need to do  when I need to do it, so that’s why I’m posting and you get to read.

I’ll get to what I want to talk about (you’re probably wondering what DIRFT is, if you don’t know it already that is, and I’ll talk about it). However, I want to say that I think having a blog is one good decision I made. Generally, I may appear to not be very tolerant with people. Of course I’m polite, but it doesn’t take much before you notice that my face is probably sour, or I’m not acting right. I’m working on it big time though. Anyway, as I was saying, if someone says something I dont like, I may lash out at the person quickly, them it’s after that I then maybe apologize, or give reason for acting the way I acted, which is not supposed to be. Usually when someone I follow makes a post I can like it if I want to, then come back to it in like an hour or two. By then, people would have said what they thought concerning the matter and stuff. Anyway, I come back to read these things and while I’ve found hate comments only just a few times, I see the way the blogger handles the comment. Sometimes in a gentle manner, sometimes in an amused manner. It made me think. There are some people that would just say shit cause they can’t do without not saying shit. They want you to retort, so they can start some battle of some sorts. 

If you’re still reading, thank you. I know it isn’t everyone who would keep on when I haven’t talk about what I really used to snare you *evil chuckle.

DIRFT means Doing right the first time.

So yeah, doing it right the first time. I’m a firm believer in this cause in some cases, when you don’t do shit right the first time, it could be almost impossible to get it right again. Of course cases differs. There are situations where you see that the person who finally got it right, probably the fifth time, is way better than the person who got it the first time (schooling and financially respectively). I’ll love to write more on this, but as I said earlier I’m not feeling it. You’ve probably noticed as it usually isn’t the way my few other posts are. I wouldn’t have posted all together so you don’t get infected with this mood I’m in, but I couldn’t just leave without posting two days in a row. The shit is just annoying cause all through today I’ve been thinking of all I was going to tell you guys, but there wasn’t time. I had to go to the hospital this morning, from there straight to my sowing lesson, then church, then I had to do some chores, so this evening (might differ  cause of the time difference) As I was saying, now that I’m  actually freew I’m in a sour mood, and tired as fuck. Sucks because today started out so good, but now, it’s just… 

I promise to write you something better tomorrow, or maybe the next, when I feel better, so that you all wouldnt have to endure me like this.

From Esther .

Thanks for reading.