Disclaimer: All the facts I’m going to give below haven’t been derived or gotten by me. I am not a medical personnel nor have I taken any course concerning medicines, or the goings of the body. The points you would see below are what I am gotten from various researches that I have done concerning the issue. If you know anything about it and see something you don’t think is correct, please respectfully do so in the comment section. This is not an intensive study I’m giving here. I’m just giving basic facts that you should know. 

Hello guys… How are you all doing? I hope you’re all well. Anyway, today’s post is differemt. You probably already figured that out from the heading. Okay so if you hadn’t already figured out from the diagram above, this is a post that concerns ladies. However, guys are also permitted. You’ve got mothers, sisters, wives, lovers, and you want them healthy and aware of the goings on their body. I know some of you guys are scrunching your face up and saying. This is for the ladies. Not my lane, but just read till the end. You’ll learn a thing or two I tell you. 

Today I’m going to be talking about the mammary gland, which is also known as the breast. There are things such as lumps, which develop in the breast. A lady finding a lump in her breast can be very scared. After all, most times what is said about breast lumps is it’s relation with cancer. Yes. Breast lumps can mean cancer, but that conclusion can only be derived through scans that are performed on your breasts. However today, I’m not talking about cancer, I’m talking about fibroadonomea, which is a benign tumor that is found in the breast. At first when I heard about it I was like… Fibroid?? But they are totally different. 

Benign, in this situation means something that is harmless. Every lady has a different kind of breast. Your breast can feel soft, very soft, firm, or lumpy. If your breast feels any of this way, it’s okay. You don’t need to be scared, or feel weird if your breasts do not feel soft. There is nothing to worry about. 

These lumps can develop in any lady, but it mostly develops in ladies beginning from puberty, to around Thirty years of age, depending on the woman’s body. Several cases have been found where women of thirty five to fifty  are found with breast lumps. 

It is possible for breast lumps to be in the two breasts. The lumps could be multiple. It could number up to three, four, and five. These lumps feel firm and rubbery. You can also use your hand to push it around the breast.

When these lumps are discovered and checked, if it happens to be a benign lump, you can leave it, but you can also do a procedure to remove it if you still remain concerned. However, you must know that other lumps can grow in its place if removed. 


Now I’ll talk about the surgery incisions. Most times, the incisions are cut just in the outer area of the nipple, still the (dark/pink) area. This is mostly done so as to avoid the scars forming in your breasts. However, depending on where these lumps are in the breast, the surgeons may cut further above or below the breast, if he isn’t able to get it from the nipple. 


After these procedures, there are scars that would be in the place cut. These scars can look so invisible, while visible also, depending on how the doctors stich the incision. Hypertrophic scars can develop, and keloids can too. Hypertrophic scars aren’t smooth on the body. The are high. However, the difference between the hypertrophic scars and keloids is that the the scar grows. 

Different medical procedures can be done to reduce the scars. You can be injected in these scars, or a lot of other things that can be done. It is possible to have multiple bilateral lumps. This means having more than one lump in both breasts. Even after a procedure is done, you can still have multiple bilateral lumps. 

Based on the research I’ve done, it hasn’t been concluded why these lumps are in the body. However, if you happen to have lumps, it can be from your genes. If your lumps begin to show on the breast, you need to see the doctor. I mean, in the smooth surface, if you can feel the lump without pressing down to feel it. Also if you notice a lump in your breast, it is important for you to go to the doctor, who would set you for a scan, x-ray, mammogram, or what other thing is used, so as to know the kind of lumps that are there.  

I hope you’ve learned a thing or two from this post. As ladies, you must constantly massage your breasts and feel around to be sure that nothing is growing in it. You have to be conscious of your bodies. Don’t panic of a lump is found. Just go to the doctor, so as to know what exactly it is. Also, for some people, during their  period, the breasts can feel lumpy. 

If you’ve had experience with fibroadonomea and do not feel any reserve sharing your experience here, it would be greatly appreciated. 

By the way, what’s all the rage with PPAP (Pen pineapple Apple Pen)? Am I the only one that isn’t seeing what’s so funny about it? 

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