Hello my dear dear reader(s). Today, I’ve got a few issues to discuss with you. Sure you already guessed that with the heading. I’m just going to run through everything together so, yeah. 

So since I begun this blog about two weeks ago, I’ve been using this name, but I’m ready to change it. You know something…mysterious. No. Not really. I’ve found out something about my self. I change names a lot. It’s definitely for the better that I can’t change the name I’m given. I can,  I know, but well, I’m not considering that. So back to what I was saying. I change names a lot. A few years back when I begun writing(novels), I fancied the idea of having pen names. So, I gave my self pen names. A lot of pen names, though not at the same time. For instance, I could change it to “Z” this month, and by the next two to three months wouldn’t fancy it anymore, and it wasn’t really nice. I didn’t like it. Anyway, when I begun this blog, I didn’t want to use any “pen name” so I don’t start changing it again, but well, it’s my name,  but I don’t want to use it, so I’m changing it to realityrainbows. Cool Uh๐Ÿ˜Ž

Earlier this week I was thinking of a name to give the blog, but my brain couldn’t rack up anything, so I let it be. Today while checking old pictures in my gallery I stumbled upon a book cover I had designed for myself and saw the name I used. It was the name I used just early last year. I decided it was good for it, because I really did like it, but only changed it at the time cause I wanted to use my own name. So after that finding I decided to open the email for it. I already did that, but I didn’t sign it up on my new phone so I did all that today, then got loads of messages from sites I had used the email to register for. I unsubscribed from most of them and this… Brings me to the next part. My emotional moment with tumblr. I joined tumblr early last year… I think. But after I had to prepare for final exams and all, phone and apps were my least priority. No. It didn’t even fall into my priority list, anyway, as I got a new phone after exams, I didn’t open the email again.

Okay. The bitter sweet part. I decided to delete my account from tumblr because there is no way I would be able to handle two blogs in different sites at a time. I probably could, but I don’t even have the time for it. Between my tailoring lessons to posting here on WordPress, to doing house chores, and a lot of other things, I wouldn’t have the time. So yeah. The bitter sweet moment. When I went to my browser to check on how to delete tumblr accounts, the message there was like “hypothetically, if you want to delete your account”, then said something like. “You know this is hupothetical right?” Made me smile sadly (not really, more like… Bitter sweet. Huh? What am I saying) .

It was a movie moment  when I  finally clicked the delete button. As soon as I did that, I rushed to open my tumblr app and what it showed was “Nothing to show”, I kept scrambling. Going to my page, home page, till none of us (I and the app) could take it no more than it finally said something like this is no more. 

*(insert sigh) 

Shed your tears. It’s okay. Let it aaalll out.

Yeah. Done. We good? 


*(insert another sigh) so that was the end of my journey with tumblr, at least for now. It’s a great app. 

And… Rants. Okay. I was woken up by five o clock this morning. This is probably okay to you, and it is to me when I’m in school, but I’m not in school and I sleep till like six thirty. It was a pity cause today was one of these cold mornings when you just want to cuddle up in your blanket (or the chest of your lover) and sleep. But no. And I had to do chores from that time to like nine, before more people came and helped out. I was walking like a dead person (Can the dead walk? It’s a figure of speech. Deal with it.) Wait! It’s just a joke duh! Don’t hate me and leave. You are dear to my heart. 

I think I’m high today. Something must have being kept in my food. 

Anyway, it took strength for me not to drag my legs on the floor, cause I was so tired. 

I guess that’s it on rants, except you want some more exceptionally boring stuff. 

Oh… I learnt something today. Never judge a person by his or her appearance. Today while church was finished and I was waiting for my mum, this lady came and sat next to me and we started talking. She was taking care of a little girl, and I just assumed she was just a help (It was very wrong of me to think that) . Until we begin talking. Yes. She was really taking care of the kids, but then, she was also finished with uuniversity, and  waiting to be posted to serve. She looked neat and all, so I didn’t assume she was just measly amd all, I just thought she was a help. I didn’t feel bad cause I didn’t treat her in any wrong or rude way while I harboured the thought in my mind, and I was glad we spoke, and also that I learned from the encounter. 

It’s very easy to judge people by their appearances, but we need to try to not let this cloud our judgement on things and on things, and people.

Please I need someone to help answer this. Is it possible for me to change the name without changing my user? I don’t want to do something wrong here.If I change my name would it mean starting a new blog all over? Why is this thing so effing confusing. 

I might end up not changing anything after all Infact. 

From The Name Changer… (This sounds like an even better name๐Ÿ˜š), awaiting feedback from you!