These are just picture quotes illustrating what I would be discussing. Also to give encouragement to you. 

Hello to you. Hopefully your day is going well so far. 

Today is my siblins visiting day, but before going, there is a traditional wedding we have to attend. At least, that my parents have to attend and I’ve followed them because it’s from there we are going to see my siblins. 

Also before that, we had to go drop inverter batteries with the repair man, who had his office at the stadium. We got there, and since the person was not around, my dad just decided to look at some activities going on so I left the car too amd took off on my own. 

That’s where the title is gotten from. I had seen, in an area of the stadium, small kids practising how to skate. I decided to go there. 

Plastic round stuffs with a hole in their middle were placed on the floor in order and these little skaters were supposed to skate, spreading their legs, and letting the plastic stuff pass their middle. Most of the kids looked five six,  four, and I think the eldest there was nine. 

In these… Let’s say ten kids, I saw  different characters in all ten of them. (This is not be basing them on their appearances. These are things I saw happen). As expected, eight of them were Nigerians, while the other two, one was Indian, and the other American. 

Of these kids, I saw a boy, driven to learn, and not letting any fall dissapoint him. He seemed to take those falls as victories, as he stood up with more confidence, and pushed on. 

I saw fat girl, desperate to learn, regardless of the way the people around teased her after every stumble or fall, and continuously called her fat.

I saw a girl, proud of her abilities, and ready to flash it to anyone. Interested, and not interested. 

I saw a girl, who would not let anyone laugh at her, regardless of her fall. 

I saw a boy, who seemed confused. 

While these kids skated, I shuddered at a lot of points. Like when they were skating and bending not intentionally, their body poised for fall. I shuddered at these kids fall. 

Actually, my heart kinda did a somersault and I acted like I was bracing a fall that wasn’t mine then I had to inconspiciously look around to make sure that no one saw me during the almost debacle. 

Out of those ten kids, the one that inspired this post was the boy who braved every fall, and determinedly stood back up. This boy was driven, and did not let any fall slow his dance. 

I think every one must have learnt something from what he did. Of course there were people to laugh discouragingly when any one fell, but this boy kept on. 

It told me a lot of things. 

In life, we are faced with hurdles in the way. No matter how successful you might be now, hurdles would always be faced. It’s just the way life is. However, when we are faced with hurdles, we shouldn’t just give up and not jump the hurdle. 

Same as falling. When we fall, we should the the fall, as an opportunity to do better. Regard it as just a hurdle for something better that is coming. 

A lot of people would be watching you during your journey, sometimes, so see you fall. This is why when faced with hurdles, we don’t want to go through, just for the fear of failing,( but you aren’t failing, cause you are still trying! ) Because we don’t want people to think we are a failure. But you have to remember that before you can be a success, you must have experienced all shades of failure. Some are more than others. Every one’s journey is different, but there is no honest success story that didn’t experience failure at some point. 

At whatever journey you are in life, don’t begin to see yourself as a failure just because it doesn’t seem as if it would work out. 

Keep on the journey. Continue. Like the boy, don’t let any fall slow your dance. 

Some of us may have more difficulties like the other. We may not have enough money, having physical difficulties, but still, we shouldn’t use it as a set back to achieving our goal. 

Every one’s journey is not the same. 

Remember, sometimes we have to be knocked down lower than we have ever been to stand up taller than we ever were.

We couldn’t go see my siblins anymore cause their school is far and the traditional wedding we attended took time. Sucks cause I was really looking forward to seeing them, but well, it’s what it is. 

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