Hello to you dear reader(s). Hope you all are well and happy? New week and all. 

Anyway,  today I’ve decided that I am going to begin sharing some pictures of the clothes I sew. 

I begun learning at the beginning of July, and well, the picture above is one I recently finished. I’ve sown two more gowns, and other stuff, but I’ll start with this, and post other subsequent ones. 

It’s a native material jacket. The brown stuff going fron the neck to the waist side is called trimmings, and the other brown stuff at the ending is called bias. The fastener there is well, fastener, although here, it’s known as Chinese fastener since (according to my teacher, and who else let her know this),  it’s mostly found in Chinese clothes. The joining is in a knife pleat.

Do you like it? Would you buy it? (P.S- Don’t mind the way the sleeves look. It was awkward positioning) 

Mostly I just want to hear your feedback on itπŸ˜ƒ