I wonder

Why don’t you take a break? 

You don’t get tired?

Everytime you come visiting

Sometimes you are nice enough 

To let me know your schedule 

Some other times you just don’t give a fuck,

And come whenever pleases you

Don’t you realize

That there is need for preparation

When you are expected? 

Mental preparation, 

Physical preparation 

But no. 

You seem to enjoy it like that

I might even begin to call you surprise

I take you the way you come

Most times just because I don’t have a choice,

Some other times because I need to accommodate you 

If I’m ever going to have kids

I get it. But I get tired. 

And now, 

You decided to use the lower part of my stomach 

As your lodging place 

But that didn’t satisfy you

You had to spread to my back

Always letting me aware of your presence

In every step I take. 

You’re so unique, 

That you decide to stay for a week! 

Who does that? 

What visitor stays a week

If he isn’t planning to be pleasant? 

But it’s your right. 

So you just do whatever 

The hell you please.

I know I’m meant to see this as a joy

After all, some people look for your visist

But don’t find it. 

But it’s hard to appreciate it

During the first three to five days

Where you torment

Like a bitch

But when the remaining days come,

It’s easy to forget you’re even around

It seems like 

You finally take pity

On my small back, 

And let it be useful again. 

I may not like you, 

But I thank God 

Who let you come, 

Giving me the gift 

Of child birth. 

So yeah, 

Though right now 

I may be lamenting my ass off

I still, well, you know, 

Thank you for coming. 

Hello friends, so that’s just my feeble attempt at writing a poem. I’m not a poet, but there are just some things that can only be written as a poem.

I’m more of  a prose person, but well, there you have it. 

I’m so tired.