Hello to you all. I hope you all are doing well. Today, I am going to talk about helping people. 

Some how, I believe that each one of us are kind, no matter how hardened we might be, or are. There is something that appeals deep within us to help people. 

For example, the touts on the streets. They can be crazy, rude, impolite, out rightly annoying, and most times they appear not to give a fuck, but sometimes, they do exhibit kind behaviors. The ones driving the public buses are sometimes nice to the old people, and some times, they don’t shout at ladies as much as they shout at their fellow man. 

However now, with the world turning to a night mare, people disappearing after encounters with people, it’s hard to see people willing to help, though deep down, we really do want to help. 

Several times I’m going on my way, people have tried stopping me to help them, probably to show them the direction to a particular place, or to ask a question. 

These means have being used to kidnap people, steal from them. Apparently, most times when direction is asked for, it’s for evil motive. Of course it isn’t this way as there are really some innocent people that have no ulterior motive, but having heard this occurring to even parents friends,and the news, you want to be careful. 

It’s like when they talk to you you… Forget? What’s happening. These people could lead you to an Automated Teller Machine, tell you to withdraw a particular amount of money, and then take it. 

It is when they are gone your senses come back. 

I’ve  heard a lot of these stories, and they have gotten me more aware than anything. 

Same as giving money. 

Most times, I prefer not to give money to people, not because I’m not kind, but because there can be serious danger in that. 

All these too, from stories. 

I’ve stopped feeling guilty walking away from people asking for directions, because, you never know who might have an evil intention in mind. 

What made me write about this was an encounter with a young girl this morning. We had alighted from the same bus stop, and I was walking to the next bus stop to enter the next bus that would take me to my destination. 

I would say now that I walk at a very brisk pace, and don’t look around when I’m walking. 

I didn’t notice this girl following me, and it was until she stopped me? 

She asked me if I had a few minutes to spare and I told her no, and went my way. I had a feeling that she was about to ask me for money, because well, what other thing would she be calling me for? Maybe direction? But she looked like she knew her way around town. 

I kinda felt bad for just walking away and not looking back but that feeling only last for a while. 

I imagine it happening to me. Being lost and no one wanting to offer help. It isn’t a pretty situation, but I understand. However, most times, there is always someone actually willing to help. Some times I watch them, and they seem to be very careful while talking, and accessing me altogether. 

I sometimes laugh (to myself)  when that is done. Would you know an evil person by looking at her? 

In your countries is this also experienced?

 Is there nothing of that sort?

Do share your feed backs in the comment section.


Since the main post is in a somewhat negative tone, I’m going to end it with a hopefully positive one. 

I’m going to share some funny instagram accounts that you may or may not have heard about. 






@Ray Diaz

@Hannah Stocking 








Warning: If you do have the time and you are able to check these accounts, make sure you time yourself, cause it’s easy to keep watching and forget that time is gone.

If there are other funny instagram accounts you know of,  feel free to add them in the comment section.