Hi everyone. Hope you all are doing well. 

My second post today. Oh well. By the way, if you haven’t read the first, do read it here

I just want to share with you all the gown I completed today. It’s a very simple gown, having no design or anything cause the material in itself is already busy. Adding trimmings would just make it too much. 

Mostly I want to thank Jazz. She’s the one that actually made me want to share this second post on sewing blues after her awesome comment on the first of the series which you can read here. Check out her blog by the way. She does some awesome book reviews, and some more book related stuff you’ll like. I like them😏

I mostly thought. This is a simple gown, but regardless, here I am sharing it, baring myself for your criticisms😏. 

I’m still working on my mum’s gown. Apparently, I and the teacher has to work on it since its going to involve much work now that we are going to have to adjust more places. Not fun ⚠⚠ I absolutely detest loosing stitches, except on some occasions where it’s just very little adjustment needed. But where I have to begin to disassemble it after sowing? ✖✖

So yeah. We would probably start that tomorrow, or some other day. 

Some of you are beginning to wonder (the ones who actually bothered with the heading), that where does the mannequin fit in all these? 

It doesn’t. 

Okay maybe just a little. 

After I completed the gown and was taking the pictures, I was just… Staring at the mannequins face but not exactly staring. The kind where you are deep in thought. 

I was thinking about the heading for the blog. Honestly, I waste time thinking about the heading for some posts. Sometimes that I get tired I just use the closest relating to the post without bothering myself, but when I can, I try to be witty with the heading. 

However today, “face off with the mannequin” came to my mind and it hasn’t left ever since. 

If you really look at the mannequin, you notice it has a straight face. When I came to learn at the beginning of July, I wondered why it looked that way. Most of the mannequins were very handsone/beautiful, but this mannequin had the “I don’t give a fuck face” I was contemplating taking the picture of her jaw and showing it to you all but since I can’t do the posting pictures after text thing, I decided not to bother. 

Since the app is on my Android, if I post a picture, it only appears at the heading. 

Anyway, that’s that. 

Do you like the gown? Do you not? 

Share your thoughts on it in the comment section.