Sally wished her husband, John, good night on the phone, eager for  the night to begin. 

She tip toed to her door, even though no one was around and opened the door for Walsh, her unmarried colleague. For weeks, they had been planning for this night, but it had always  gotten  sabotaged by John. 

Now, there was nothing in their way. 

Walsh entered, opening the door wide and Sally shivered as the door shrieked. She put her head down, now shy, after weeks of sexual innuendos and flirting between them. 

Walsh raised her head up, and kissed her thouroughly. It didn’t take long for her coyness to disappear. She held him tight, kissing him with all the power that she possessed, welcoming the feeling that only Walsh could bring out in her. 

There were no voices. Except that of the candle, that got old with every second, by watching them. 

Sally felt her self being carried, and put carefully on the bed. His shadow loomed over her as he kissed her some more, and removed her bra. 

Sally moaned with the way Walsh sucked her breasts, knowing that this was wrong, but couldn’t summon the courage to tell him to stop. 

The night continued, with the candle, as the only testament  to their forbidden affair. 


Hi everyone, this is my response to the daily prompt, Candle. 

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