Sally cleaned the marble cabinet in the kitchen for the fifth time, dreading John’s arrival. This had been going on for years, though now, their arguments seemed to be more heated now that it seemed she had taken on a new behavior. 

For the four years that they had been married, Sally had been the docile wife, who never had anything to say. Anything that John said was what she would do. 

She had been meeting with Walsh for a month now, and though John knew nothing of it, he said she had started behaving in a different manner. 

Sally did not notice a change in her behavior. Maybe it was because she smiled more, or some other thing, but she knew that from the way John was behaving, he didn’t like the change. 

Maybe it was because she had found someone that appreciated her more, and treated her like she was worth a lot.

Even at that, she still got scared of John, and let him subdue her anywhere. With his friends, with his parents, and in the bed room. 

She might be more happy, and live for the times she met with Walsh, but it didn’t mean she was less afraid of John. 

Her phone rang, and the jumped. She looked at the caller identification and saw that it was John. She let it ring twice, giving herself mental preparation before she answered him. 


“Come and open the door”

She was about to reply when John cut the call on her. 

She thought about being rebellious. Not going to answer the door. After all he had his own key, but she could not make herself do it. 

Hating herself every step she took towards the door, she opened it and John stood. Tall, and very handsome. For a moment, she was side tracked. 

She had met John in college, and their relationship had been a fast one. He was handsome, she was beautiful, and everyone said they were the ideal couple. Sally was just happy she was with someone good looking. 

It got better as he had a good paying job, but it was only a year into their marriage before he showed his true self. 

“Would you move out of the fucking way? I went to Matt’s house yesterday. His wife kissed him full on the lips when he arrived, not withstanding the fact that I was there. And you know what? They are seven years into their marraige!”.

Sally swallowed the lump in her throat and moved out of the way, letting him pass. She still loved him, even after discovering that the part of him she fell in love with was just a fantasy he had shown for her benefit. 

She went back to the kitchen was serving his food, when John entered. 

“You’ve been in the house for what? Three hours and you’re just dishing the food? Look. I’ve had a long day. Bring the food to the table now.”

With that, he walked out. 

Sally swallowed again, and put the dishes food in a tray and took it to the dining room. 

She served John’s food and sat opposite him, watching as he smiled to his phone, wishing she was the recipient of the smile. 

He put the phone down and opened the food and begun eating. 

He looked at Sally straight in the eye. 

“Once I’m done with my food, go to the bed room and wait for me”

Sally wanted to run away from the house. For a week now, he hadn’t touched her body, and she had hoped it would be so forever, but that was just a wish.

Worse, she knew she was going to let John subdue her. Again.


Hi everyone.  This is my response to the daily prompt, Subdued. 

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