Hello everyone! If you were around last year, you may have known a girl called TheAmbivert123, AKA Ambi, who hosted the 2015 Blogger Awards. It was the most amazing thing, for me, that had happened all year; it brought so many bloggers together and spread positivity. Unfortunately, due to a few things, Ambi had to […]

via The 2016 Blogger Awards! — Just Call me Elm or Something

Hi guys…This is the 2016 blogger Awards. You’ve probably heard of it, you probably haven’t. It’s a really great avenue where you get to nominate blogs you like depending on the category they fall into. Do click the click so you read more of it.

And please don’t leave this page without clicking the link to read the full post on my very wonderful friends blog, Elm.

I’ll leave you guys now to your thoughts on who to nominate.

Thank you❤