via Daily Prompt: Trust

Sally stood up and walked to the window, looking outside at the beautiful flowers planted by Walsh. Another thing she found that she liked about him.

Liked, but did not love.

Sure, she liked the break that Walsh provided from John, but she couldn’t bring herself to do the one thing he wanted.

Being a reasonable person, he didn’t ask her to give up her marriage with John. He wanted just one thing.


And that was still what was standing between them. Walsh wanted something tangible from her. Not just incredible sex.

He was a good man, but Sally did not know if she was able to do it.

She still loved John.

She loved him with every thing she had,  but at the same time, she wasn’t ready to give up Walsh. He made her feel alive. Made her feel incredibly good.

John was capable, but he wasn’t willing.

She felt a hand wrap around her waist and she turned, facing Walsh. He looked down at her, and stared into her eyes.

“Sally. I’m just asking you. Think about it darling.”

He hugged her tight and Sally wrapped her arms around him, fighting the conflicting emotions surrounding her.


“Give it time darling. No rush”

Sally melted herself in his embrace, trying to understand what she was feeling. Though Walsh said he wasn’t going to pester her, she knew he wanted to hear it.

Walsh raised her head up and kissed her.


Sally said, feeling light headed from the kiss.

He held her face in his hands and looked at her.

“Just your trust babe. That is all I ask.”

Sally nodded, knowing she couldn’t fight him anymore.

She still loved John, but it didn’t mean she couldn’t trust Walsh.

“I trust you “

She said, whispering.

Walsh looked slightly taken aback.

“What did you say darling.”

Sally swallowed and looked up at him.

“I trust you. “

If Sally knew this was the reaction her answer would provide, she would probably had said it earlier.

Walsh carried her and Sally tightened her legs that were round his waist.

He carried her to his bedroom, and loved her in all the ways he could.

Walsh gave her his all, liking the feeling that her trust gave him.


Hi everyone. This is my response to the daily prompt, Trust. For the past two days, I had managed weaving the daily prompts all together and making it a story.

The first one is Candle. Please do click the link and read it.

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And this is the third.

Feel free to comment any thoughts you might have concerning the post.