Matt shrugged his jacket off and sat down.

Today was the last time that he was going to spend in this house, that was formerly rented by him. Dustin, his friend was with him. 

Dustin had decided that they come and look at pictures and just have a nice time. 

“Oh hell look at this!”

Matt stretched to see what Dustin was talking about and he smacked his head playfully. 

“You were worse. I don’t know how the picture of your display got misplaced. I’m going to find it”

Dustin laughed and kept flipping. 

Matt took another photo album and flipped, laughing at some that were very funny. He crossed his legs and kept flipping, until he got to a particular picture. 

He stopped, caressing the image of himself hugging Emma at her waist, they were both smiling, and looked so happy, and as he kept caressing the page, he was taken back to a happening that had occurred a year ago.

Diana, who was the ex girl friend of Dustin, and a very good friend to Emma, was calling him in a very urgent manner. He remembered that at the time, she and Emma were having heated arguments, and hadn’t continued talking to each other. 

“What is it Diana?”

She gave him a smile that looked sinister to Matt. 

“I need you to follow me Matt. If you don’t, you may end up missing the best part of the show”

Matt was confused, and it showed.

“What show? Why are you leading me to the house where you and Em stay? Have you moved back?”

Diana rolled her eyes. 

“You’re asking too many questions Matt. Follow me.”

Though confused, Matt followed her, wandering about what show could be so important. 

After he entered the house, she put her index finger in her lip, telling him to be quiet, and led him to Emmas bedroom.

As Matt followed, his heart begun beating a strange beat, and he begun to envision that something was wrong. 

He stopped at Emma’s door, and Diana opened it carefully. 

Matt stepped inside, and saw Em, his girl friend of two years, in another man’s arm. 

He couldn’t describe what really went on in his heart, except to say that something crashed. He felt an over whelming anger, and knew the person he wanted to direct it at. 

Just as he was about to take a step, he heard kissing sounds, and they murmured to each other. 

Emma chuckled, and Matt clenched his fingers more tight. 

He couldn’t believe what was happening. 

He looked to Diana, who had settled in a reclicing chair, smiling, as if everything that was going on was seriously amusing. 

She stood up, and clapped. 

“Game over guys. Stop with the mush mush. The main is here”

Immediately Emma sat up on the bed and raised the duvet to cover her breasts. She looked at Matt and dropped her head down. The man who was with her was still on the bed. 

Matt removed his gaze from Emma, and directed it to the man who still remained beside her. 

“Get. Out. Of. The. Fucking. Bed.”

Matt, said, eerily calm, enunciating the words with clenched teeth. 

He looked at Matt over, as if sizing him up, but didn’t do anything.. Emma nudged him and whispered to him to go. 

After the man left, Matt stared hard at Emma, whose head remained down. 

Diana stood beside Matt and smiled wide. 

“Oh… I need to go. Talk good guys. No fighting.”

She laughed again and walked out.

It was after five minutes of staring at Emma with no response from her that Matt then spoke. 

“Look up”

She shook her head. 

“Look up Emma”

She shook her head again, but this time accompanied it with cleaning her eyes with her hands. 

“Matt. I’m so sorry. “

She said that still looking down and Matt stuffed his hand deep in his pocket. 

“You don’t have to say it if you don’t mean it. Look up”

She shook her head again, and Matt saw a few drops of tears falling from her eyes. 

“Why? “

“I_I don’t know”

Matt turned back and squeezed his eyes close.

“Is he the same guy you cheated on me the three other times with?”

Emma did not reply. Matt had his answer. 

“Do you love him?”

It took a beat before she replied him. 

“I love you Matt”

Matt turned back to face her. 

“So you do love him”

“Matt! Matt! Hey man! What the hell?”

Matt sat up right and saw Dustin up in his face, looking pissed. 

“What the fuck man. Not about Emma again. You aren’t going to let her ruin tonight”

Matt rubbed his eyes. 

“Look it’s been a year already. Get over it”

“I’m over it. The picture just took me back.”

Dustin nodded, but removed the photo album from his hand and replaced it with another. 

“Look at this one. It contains mostly of both of us”

Matt laughed and stood up, trying to collect the photo album from him. 

“Dude pass it!”

And the night continued, but it never for once, left Matt’s mind, that it was the “urgent” message that Diana wanted to show him that changed the forever he had imagined for himself and Emma. 


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