Hi everyone. I hope you all are doing well. 

I want to share with you all how my day went yesterday. I would have done that yesterday, but I was extremely tired. When I’m still experiencing something quite strongly, like crying after a shitty situation, I can’t just start writing it, cause I’m still really pained at whatever it is, and might end up saying what I do not want to say, so it’s better to talk about it when I’m calmed down, though after that happens I might not then see the need to tell it here.

Bring the eldest of three children, I have the most responsibility, especially now that I’m home alone with my parents and they are in school. (They attend a boarding school)

As I was saying, I am laden with the whole house chore. Cleaning, cooking, and every other thing. 

I went to my sewing lesson in the morning, and after I closed, I had to go to the market to buy some groceries, then go to some other place farther than my house to get some other groceries cause if I bought it in the market it would be too expensive for something of a very small quantity. 

It’s at this period I begun feeling a head ache. I don’t usually like to work myself too much cause when I do, and get so tired, I am very cranky, and trust me, you don’t want to be around me then. 

However, I would have decided to take a short nap to clear my head, but I could only seat for about thirty minutes. The head ache now was blooming fully. 

I couldn’t seat and wait as I had to prepare the food, plus I still had to tidy the house. 

By the time my mum came, I was done with the food but I still had to tidy the kitchen and the house. My head fell like it was preparing to explode. I told my mom about it. She asked me if I had eaten lunch, I replied no, and she said it was the reason. 

She had to go out again with my dad to a meeting. I decided to rest again for about thirty minutes but there was no way I could do that because my mind was preoccupied with the house that was still untidy.

I stood up and begun. I just wanted to sleep and see if it would go. By the time my parents were around, I was through with all the chores. My mum said my eyes looked very tired and I was going to sleep but she told me to eat. After that, I was about going to my room, but she had left something frying and she told me to watch it, and after it was done, I could go to bed. 

I finished with that, got to bed, and begun reading a novel on my phone, but my head was too tired and I slept off almost immediately. 

I am still feeling the head ache, and it seems to keep intensifying as the time  passes. I just hope this isn’t the preamble to any kind of illness. It’s 4:19 in the morning right now, I woke up around just past three, but I’m still going to get some sleep. I hope this headache passes. 

Hopefully you all have a headache free day. 

If I feel better, I’ll post later today.