Leslie fidgeted with her cloth as she prepared to press the door bell to Kristens house. Herself, Kristen, Lauren, and Thelma were meeting.

As soon as she heard a voice prompt she put her face in the hole and almost immediately the door opened. Leslie walked inside, watching her every step. She looked around the spacious area and sighed with longing. 


She saw Kristen coming over to meet her and she smiled. They hugged each other. 

“How have you being?”

“Here and there.”

Kristen roller her eyes playfully. 

“Evasive. As usual.”

They walked inside and Leslie sat down, saying hello to Thelma and Lauren. They nodded in reply. 

Kristen placed her tablet on her leg.

“Okay. Straight to business, since Leslie is here already. I want us to talk about the kids party we are planning on doing. I have set the date for next weekend, but something important has come up and I need someone to be in place for me. It’s not much work. Just to see to everything.”

Kristen looked around at the faces of all three of them. No one spoke for a few seconds, then Thelma spoke up. 

“I believe Leslie is the best bet for this.”

Leslie snapped her head up as she heard her name. 

“I mean, we all are busy.”

Kristen frowned. 

“It’s in a week end Thelma.”

“Sean is coming. You know… My boy friend, and I have to give all my time for him. You all know how Sean can be. Anyway, Leslie should volunteer

I mean, she’s a teacher, not even a school teacher, but a home school teacher.”

She looked at Leslie, unapolologetic. 

“Not that I’m degrading the profession in anyway. I mean, you have the most free time. Plus, you have no boy friend. You should volunteer

Kristen frowned again at Thelma. 

“Stop it Thelma. This is her choice. You can’t force her into doing what she doesn’t want to do. I can get someone else to do it, but I would prefer it if it was one of you.”

Thelma tolled her eyes in exasperation. 

“Oh are we going to this again? That I’m always going against Leslie? Always making me to be the bad person and she the victim? I’m just stating the fact here guys. She has nothing doing. Kristen you need one of us. She is available.”

Thelma directed a pointed look at Leslie. 

“Or you aren’t?”

Leslie turned her head away, embarrassed, and wanting to be here. 

Lauren, who was sitting beside Thelma placed her hand on her lap.

“Thelma calm down.”

Thelma tolled her eyes and carried her bag, standing. 

“I’m sick of you all defending her. What? I’m tired guys. I need to go.”

She walked out and the room was silent for a minute. 

“Did you do anything to piss her?”

Lauren asked, bewilded at Thelmas attitude. 

Leslie shook her head.

“She has always being that way to Leslie. “

Kristen faced Leslie. 

“Are you alright?”

Leslie put on a bold face, using all she had to make sure that she didn’t spill a tear. 

“Yeah. I’m fine. I volunteer

Lauren rolled her eyes. 

“Don’t let your self be forced into this. I’m sure Kristen can get someone else. You know this wouldn’t make Thelma treat you any better. Just do what you want for yourself and ignore her.”

Leslie nodded, but smiled a little. 

“I promise I’m fine Lauren. You know very much how I like little kids.”

Lauren scrutinized her face, and contented with what she saw, nodded. She faced Kristen. 

“Since that is settled, I’m offering to help in anyway I can”

Leslie smiled. 

“I’ll cover everything Lauren. Thank you.”

Kristen looked at her. 

“You’re sure?”

Leslie smiled again. 

“Very. I’ll call some friends if I need help.”

Kristen looked relieved. 

“That’s good then. Thanks Leslie. I was already getting anxious that it wasn’t going to work out after all. Thank you.”

“It’s alright Kris.”

Lauren looked at her phone. 

“Pete just called. He is at home. Les? You want a ride?”

Leslie smiled politely. 

“I’m good Lauren. Thank you.- She turnd to face Kristen.-I’ll get going now. Do send everything I would need to my email. “

“I’ll do that. Thank you.”

Leslie nodded and left. 

She belonged to the group that had kids interest in mind. It was mainly for helping kids have fun and since she loved playing with kids, she joined. 

The closest one out of the other three that she could call a friend was Kristen, who was older than all of them, and married with two kids. She played a motherly role to Leslie, and tried to protect her from Thelma’s immature outbursts. 

Leslie was a shy person, and very reserved, so it was easy for her to be picked on. 

She entered the bus that took her to her house and looked outside the window, enjoying as the wind blew her hair.

(A Week Later. The Day of the Party) 

Leslie walked around, her hands stuck deep in her Jean pockets, and looked around. Her heart swelled with so much love and joy that she felt like she might cry. She imagined the children as they would pour in, with wide smiles on their faces. 

She sat on a chair and looked up, lost in thoughts.

A few minutes later, she heard foot steps and she was awoken from her thoughts and stood up immediately, looking to where she had heard the foot step. 

She saw a tall man, walking with a small girl who was dressed in princess clothes, with a crown on her hair.

He approached her, and as she got a good look at his face she looked down, then looked the other way. He was handsome. Not in the tall, dark and handsome way, but in his own different way. He smiled at her and her heart beat a little faster. 


She nodded, then spoke. 


She looked to the little girl. It was easier to do that as she avoided the intensity that present in the man’s eyes. 

She looked to him for permission and he nodded. 

Leslie squatted to his daughters level and shook her hand. 



The little girl replied, more enthusiastically.

“What’s your name?”


“That’s a sweet name. I’m Leslie.”

Bella nodded and looked at the man that was still holding her, whose eyes was glued to Leslie. 

“This is my dad Leslie.”

Leslie stood up again, and looked into his eyes, trying to ignore the sadness that strangely overwhelmed her to find out that he was someone else. 

“Hi. I’m Leslie.”

He nodded.


He brought his hand forward and hesitantly, Leslie placed her hands in his. It was a while before Kyle released it and when he finally did, Leslie was embarrassed, her face stained with splotches of red. 

They begun to walk to the stand where every kid was to register the name. 

“So, you brought your daughter.”

“Yes. You have any?”

Leslie shook her head, wistfully, Kyle noticed. 

“I’m just here to see to everything.”

Kyle wrote his daughters name down. 

“Daddy can I play?”

Some other children had begun arriving. 

He nodded. 

“Don’t go too far away from me.”

He warned in a stern voice but Bella was already bouncing away. 

Leslie smiled. “You’ve got a beautiful daughter.”

“Thank you.”

They begun to walk around again, saying nothing, each thinking of what to say, when Kyle spoke.

“You’ve got beautiful eyes. And hair.”

Leslie stood still, struck. She felt a light movement in her hair and knew that he was running a finger through it.

Her  heart beat was faster this time, and she turned to face him. 

He looked so sincere, but Leslie couldn’t be sure. This only happened in a movie, or a novel for Christ’s sake. 

He held her hand and looked at it, before looking up at her face.

He was a stranger for Christ’s sake. This could not be happening! 

He linked her hands in his and moved closer to her. 

Leslies heart beat erratically. 

This surely could not be happening.

She wasn’t living a novel surely. 

But just as she thought these thoughts, he drew his face closer to hers, and Leslie couldn’t push him away. 

It begun. 

The Genesis of a lifetime.

Leslie sighed longingly as she rubbed her full stomach, as she remembered the day she met with Kyle. 

“Honey_youve been staring outside the window for a while. I hope you aren’t worrying yourself about the baby?”

Leslie turned to face Kyle who was already in front of her, his hands circling hwr waist, but not all around it because of her full roundness.

“I was thinking about the first time we met.”

Kyle grinned. 

“You mean the first kiss we shared?”

Leslie blushed. 

“Actually, I was thinking if I was living in a novel. You know… Fiction.”

He grinned again and kissed her in her nose, evidently in a good mood. 

“Only knights in shining armour did that. You know… Fiction too.”

“Oh well, I’ve always wanted to be a knight in shining armour.”

“I felt like a very bad girl after you kissed me. I mean, what good girl allowed a man to do that to her?”

“Good? Since I knew you it’s being all shades of naughty with you. ”

Leslie laughed, and stared at him, feeling overwhelmingly in love. It had been happening a lot since she discovered she was pregnant. 

“I love you. So so much.”

Kyle replied by locking his lips to hers, sealing a future with her. 


Hi everyone, this is my response to the daily prompt, volunteer. 

This was quite long, but I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to share any comment you have concerning the post. 

**Kyle wasn’t married. He got Bella through a lady he slept with a time and got custody since the lady wasn’t interested in raising a kid. 

Do you think this kind of thing can occur in reality? I mean… Our reality. Not Leslies’😛