“Get out of my house you filthy thing!”
June looked at the bags that were thrown at her, and wondered since her bag had been packed. She looked at her siblins in the eyes, and they shifted their gaze to their sides. 

She couldn’t blame them really, since she was sure their dad was involved. She accepted the pain that overtook her as she accepted that he was disowning her. 

Her mother stood by her father, both looking at her scornfully. 

“June. From this time, you are banned from this house. I don’t ever want to see your filthy legs here.”

The tears that June had been holding at bay fell on its own, and she bit her lip hard, drawing blood. 

Their mother came forward.

“I knew you were going to end up like this. However, I wouldn’t want you to corrupt the others. This is for your good. Really. When you think about it. Good bye.”

June looked at their backs as they all filed inside till they closed the door. It was then she allowed herself the grief. She sat on the floor, looking at the bags around her. Where would she go? 

After about thirty minutes, she stood up, and knew she had to do something. She couldn’t sit on the floor all  day. 

She called a taxi, and put all her bags in it, and told him to take her to the campus. She got there in two hours, and by the time she got there, she was very tired. It was in times like this she rejoiced in the fact that she lived alone. She knew there was no way she would be able to endure questions from anyone without breaking down. 

After paying extra, the cab driver helped her take her luggage in, and as soon as he left, she fell asleep. 


She woke up the next day, disoriented. She looked at her calender and saw that she had a class by nine, and it was nine thirty. She had her bath and sat on her bed, thinking on what she was going to do. 

She looked at the calendar beside hers that belonged to Mike, her boyfriend. He didn’t stay with her, only on days he slept over, and as a result, he put his time table in her room.

She smiled as she saw that he had no class today. She picked up her phone and called him. He answered on the first ring. 


She smiled and played with the hem of the gown she was wearing.

“Hey Mike.”

“How are you darling? Are you okay? Tried your cell the day before. You didn’t pick.”

“Sorry about that. I slept early.”

“That’s okay.”

“Mike… I’ll like to see you.”

She sensed his pause and she tried to reassure him.

“It’s not really serious. Just something I want to tell you.”

“Alright. Should I come to your place?”

“Let’s meet at cafe 2”

“Alright. When?”

“You can start leaving.”

“Okay. See you soon.”

“You too!”

Light hearted a little, she applied a little make up and put on her engagement ring  and took her purse and left her room. Cafe 2 was very close to her place so it was very convenient for her.

It was ten minutes before Mike arrived and a smile out up her face as she saw him. As he got to the table she was, she stood up and hugged him very tight, and tears graced her eyes. 

As she released him, Mike looked at her, a little concerned. He sat down and looked at her closely. 

“Are you fine? You’re crying.”

June nodded and cleaned her eyes. 

“I was glad to see you.”

“Okay. So… What did you want to talk about?”

June swallowed and looked down. How was she expected to tell him that she had been raped. 

She had been a virgin, and she knew among other things about her,  it was something that Mike cherished. The fact that she was no longer one might repel him as it did her parents, and she wasn’t sure how to start. 

Involuntarily, her mind went back to what had happened at her parents the day before. Her parents, “Christian” parents, had sent her away because they didn’t want anyone in church to get a wind of it. 

They believed she was going to taint their name. 

She felt a gentle pressure on her arm and she looked up to see Mike staring at her, concern etched in his features. 

“You’re getting me scared June. What is wrong?”

June swallowed again, and told herself not to fear. Mike could not cast her away. He loved her. 

“I got raped.”

Silence decended on them both and June willed herself to look into his eyes to see what he was thinking.

At first, he looked confused. 

“When was this?”

“Just last week.”

“Is that why you weren’t around?”

“Yes. I was receiving care after.”

Mike asked no more questions, and she saw as he squeezed his eyes close.

“Is that all?”

June was startled by the question. 

“Uh… Yes.”

He nodded. “Alright.”

He looked at his watch. 

“I need to get going.”

He gave her the usual kiss on her forehead, but it didn’t feel the same. 

June remained in the seat, not knowing what to make of his reaction. 

It was after two months, that she finally got it that Mike was no longer interested in her. He didn’t pick her calls with much enthusiasm, he didn’t call her, nor did he try communicating with her. It took talking with Jessica, her close friend,  to realize that she had been dumped. Banned from his life. 

She sat in the same cafeteria where she had told him the news, and waited for him to arrive. It took two hours before he came, and when he did, he didn’t look at her in the eye. 



She played with the ring on her fourth finger. 

“You haven’t been replying my calls. You don’t even ever call anymore. Have I done something wrong?”

A guilt look flashed in his face and he looked away from June.

“I’ve been really busy. Projects have been coming up.”

“It’s because I was raped right? You loved the fact that I was a virgin. Not me. You never loved me. That was the only attraction. My virginity.”

He looked at her. 

“Don’t say that.”

“No really. That’s the reason right? I no longer have a price. I have become a worthless piece of shit. Just say it!”

The tears came falling and June did not bother wiping it. 

“Don’t cry. Please.”

June watched him as he looked around, embarrased.

“Oh not you too!”

Mike looked at her, then looked away. 

Resigned, June stood up.  He looked at her and June, looking at him, removed her ring, and put it on the table. She watched as he watched her actions with no remorse, and she decided Jessica was right. 


June looked up as she heard a cough and was awoken from her thoughts. She was having a date with Zac, her boyfriend of two years.

“Are you okay June?”

“Yeah. Just fine.”

“You… Haven’t said anything.”

June sighed. He was asking why she was withdrawn, she smiled, laughed, had an overall good countenance but he said she never allowed anyone close, and June was thinking back to the reason that had made her that way. 

“I’ll do better.”


“I’ll make more effort. I promise.”

He nodded, satisfied with her answer and held her hands. 


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