My blog crush,

I don’t know your name,

But my face lights up

When you reply my comments

With enthusiasm,

When you like my posts. 

My blog crush, 

I don’t know how you look, 

But that makes you more like a mystery. 

My blog crush. 

Who are you? 

Where are you from? 

Of course I don’t dream about you,

Nor think about you in the day,

Okay I do think about you. 

When I’m down,

And I need to lighten up. 

Your replies never seize, 

To bring a smile in me

As I write this, 

I feel warm all over(not really 😛),

And I’m wondering. 

Why am I writing this? 

Oh well, 

I want to pen it down. 

It makes it more real. (huh?) 

Hopefully you like this post too, 

And know.

You don’t need to know really. 

I mean… 

Well whatever. 


Hi everyone… Third post today. Oh well.

Are you wondering if I really have a blog crush? Yes I do! It’s funny as I haven’t had a crush in forever but well, he (blog crush) isn’t exactly a crush because I don’t know him or anything but well, this is just one of many more night ramblings to come. I’m more serious in the day/evenings… You know… Daily prompts and all. 

Anyway, do you like it? Have you had a blog crush a time or the other? You have😉. You know you can’t deny it. Okay that’s it. You all sleep well. I’m going to continue with reading my novel, awaiting you all spilling your blog crush secrets to me (I wish😲).