Hi everyone…I have decided to share with you once more, something I sewed. 

I started it yesterday at lesson and I pretty much finished it except that there was a slight problem with the sleeve and by the time I wanted to correct it, it was time for me to leave. And are you wondering about the sleeve? I tucked it inside just to avoid it looking awkward like it happened here. It stops at my elbow. 

Anyway, I finished it today, and that’s what you are seeing above. 

Are you wondering about the cream gown you are seeing under it, it’s a wedding gown, sewn by my teacher. (I know. I know. Cream? But well, it’s the way it is done in her church). I would remove it and take the crop jacket alone on the mannequin but well, wearing it was work, and I try to avoid anything that can be avoided, which is more work. (You’re supposed to laugh here. I know I know. I’m not funny😲just laugh. For me😛).

It’s the first ever first crop jacket I own, and I like it.

The black/silvery glittering stuff at the edge are trimmings, and my teacher suggested I added a rope to give it more flavour (just kidding. It’s actually for a better fitting,  but “flavour” was more sweet to write).

Do you like it? Feel free to comment whatever thoughts you have concerning the post. 


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