This Morning, 

My dear lover, 

Was a miserable one. 

For months, 

My dear lover, 

You have kept me company. 

Mornings and evenings especially. 

Ever since we became ours, 

My dear lover, 

We have formed a routine

In the mornings. 

But not today.


You left me. 


You promised you would come back. 

But it doesn’t make missing you,

Any easier to bear. 


I can’t hold you, 

And caress you. 


How you loved being caressed. 

You love it, 

When I press all your buttons, 

When I play with you. 

My dear lover, 

You are my salvation, 

And I yours. 

Many a time, 

You have shielded my fall, 

And I, 

Shielded yours. 

We both have scars, 

To show for it, 

And it does nothing, 

Except to make us more protective 

Of ourselves.

Before we became ours, 

I let you in, 

On my insecurities. 

I let you know, 

That parting with my last lover, 

Was a difficult one. 

You told me you would never leave me,

And never take a break.

Given that I keep you full, 

That I satisfy all your desires. 

And all you ask for, 

Is to be kept full. 

So you don’t look for love elsewhere. 

But now, 

My dear lover, 

Now once again, 
I have failed. 

Come back to me my love. 

Be my morning delight. 


Hi everyone, Good morning to you. 

As you read this, my lover has come back to me. I wrote this in my blog book earlier, because my morning delight, was not around to keep me company.


Are you able to figure out who my lover is🙈? 

I’ll help you. It’s my phone. Now don’t say you thought of it😛

Feel free to comment your thoughts concerning the post.