“Dude if you touch those once more you are going to destroy everything, and take it from some one who has seen all your works, this is one of the best.”

Sam rubbed his hands that were getting wet and turned to look at Jamie, his best friend and shot him a dirty look. He did the same for Allie, a fellow florist. 

He had invited both of them to give their opinions on the flower arrangement he made. All they had brought forth was positive statement and while Sam knew they were possibly right, he couldn’t quell the feeling of anxiousness mixed with happiness bubbling within him. Of course he wouldn’t admit that. At least to none of them. 

He and Joey, after months of seeing each other informally were now going on a date. Even now, when the date was in a few hours, he could not believe she had accepted to have a date with him. 

She was very beautiful, and that was enough reason to leave him feeling unworthy. He, on the other hand, was the kind of guy ladies would label as average. He worked out, but didn’t have the kind of abs that were shown in magazines. His hair was just okay. Nothing extra ordinary, and his eyes was probably the most ordinary part of him. They were brown. Not the kind of brown that girls gushed over, just dull brown. He wasn’t overly tall. He was five feet and nine inches so he could not understand why she would want him.


Joey understood just why she wanted him, but she couldn’t explain the way her heart fluttered every time she thought of him, which was all the time since the night begun. It was a hour before her date with Sam and she had done her hair and her face. Not going over board, but keeping it simple. 

She stood up, probably for the hundredth time and paced around the room. 

Brit, a room mate of hers looked up. 

“Cut this out Joey. I still can’t believe what has gotten you super excited is cause you are going to a date with a common florist, who is totally average looking. I mean, come on. You are better than that. Have you looked yourself in the mirror?”

“Honestly Brit leave this alone.”

Brit rolled her eyes as she concentrated on her phone. 

“I’m just trying to understand Joey. You have men. Hot, sexy, delicious men asking to take you out, and you refuse for this… Sam.”

It all begun when her aunt Marcie had told her to get some flowers. It was the first time she met him. She was sad, and hurt at that time, having just broken up with her boyfriend. As she spoke with the lady there, she looked to the side and saw a guy squatting, looking like he was petting a child. She inconspicuously moved closer to hear what he was saying and she got that he was comforting the boy. The one thing she knew at that moment was that she wanted to be the recipient of the comfort. And it’s was the reason she went to speak to him. 

At first, it had been innocent talks with each other, but gradually, it developed into something more. Joey begun to tell him of her hurt feelings, and he also begun to open up to her, and like that, and he begun to mean so much more than a friend. 

The feelings that he aroused in her was one no one did, but it was moments like this, when Brit spoke, that made her resolve falter, and she wasn’t sure if she wasn’t making up how she felt when around him. 

She shook her head, as if in a mental debate with herself. She couldn’t let Brit spoil this for her. 

Sam was probably average to Brit, but not to Joey. The feelings she had for him were immeasurable. So immense, and so intense. 

He was her joy, and he being a florist did not make him seem insignificant to her, as it did for Brit. 

She looked at her watch again, and decided to get going. 


“You think she would like it?”

Jamie rolled his eyes, not bothering to give him a reply this time. 

“You think I should rearrange it?”

“By all means Sam, go ahead.”

Sam removed a few flowers and put it some other place, wanting this to be good. 

If it was a gift to her, he probably wouldn’t make so much fuss, but she had asked him to make something beautiful for him, and though she said it off handedly, he wanted it to be perfect.

“This… Is not a crush Sam. I’ve never seen you like this.”

They looked at each other for a while, and though Sam knew what he was on the brink of saying, he said nothing. 

Of course he was talking about love, but Sam did not permit himself to think of love with Joey. He didn’t want to jinx it. Better he kept it to himself, and wait to see what happened.

“Oh joy! You’ve stopped. Can I take it to the car now? The girl is probably already waiting.”

Sam looked at the clock. 

“Shit! Do that Jamie. I’ll meet you outside.”

Joey watched as Sam entered the restaurant, pink in the face as people in the restaurant looked at him, because of the big flower arrangement he was carrying. 

With the way Joey was feeling, she knew.

She knew she loved him. 

There was nothing she could say that could actually quantify how she felt. She wanted to go and hug him fiercely as she realized, but she stayed in her seat, smiling as he came towards her. 

He got to her soon enough, and this time, Joey stood up and hugged him. She sat back down, and he sat down too, the pink slowly leaving his face. 

“You were blushing.”

“Not my fault these people won’t mind their damned business.”

Joey swallowed, emotion clogging her throat. Like most teen girls, she had envisioned her lover to be tall, dark, and handsome, but now, there was no way she would leave him for any tall dark and handsome man. 

He was everything to her, and she suddenly felt the need to say it. She swallowed again, keeping it in, and looking at his face. 

None of them said anything for a while. 

Sam, his heart beating like he was running miles, he brought his hand to the table and and opened them. He realized, with a smile, that Joey was just as eager, as she put her hand immediately in his. 

He squeezed it tight, feeling so overwhelmed with love for her that he wanted to say it, but didn’t know how. 

Joey stared into his eyes, wanting to break contact but not wanting to miss any of the emotion she saw evident on his face. 

She smiled shyly at him. 

“Are you nervous?”

He nodded. “Yes. Very.”

As they looked into each others eyes, they knew they were admitting to each other, some thing other than what they were saying to each other. 


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