Madeline stood in front of the mirror and ran her hands through her hair. She contemplated applying make up but she decided against it. Luke said he liked it like that. They had been together for three years, but she couldn’t still get over not feeling beautiful without her make up. 

She touched her neck and walked to the window, waiting for him. 

She was thirty three, had an attractive job that paid well. After she found Luke, it made her life… Complete. 

She didn’t talk much, but her girl friends let her know she was crazy about him. To them, it was senseless to be crazy about a man. 

Luke travelled much, so he didn’t stay around for long. Whenever she wasnt around, her friends told her she was cranky. To them, she let her world revolve around him. 

They liked Luke. He was a total gentleman, but it didn’t mean they didn’t tell her it was stupid to be like that. They told her it was unhealthy. They told her he was an attractive guy. He could cheat on her in any of the countries he travelled to and she would know nothing of it.

It was probably possible, but Madeline believed him. She knew he was sincere. It wasn’t possible to fake the kind of feelings he exhibited towards her.

She looked up at the time and sat on the bed, hugging herself. She was forcing herself not to look at the mirror. Not to give in to the temptation to apply make up. She could use the idea of an excuse, and dress up for him, but she knew he would see through it. 

The next morning, he would bath with her, and would see her face. 

She sighed deeply, and decided to fill herself with the longing of him. She remembered the last time he came, and hugged herself tight. 

She relished his presence, more because she saw him for short periods.

She heard the door bell ring, and her heart sped wildly as she ran her hands through her hair and skipped to the door. By the time she got to the door, she paused and tried to slow her heart beat. 

“Open up Mad. I know you’re there.”

She was filled with intense love as she heard his voice. She had spoken to him earlier this evening, but it wasn’t the same. 

She opened the door slowly and looked up at his tall frame. Her heart constricted at his smile that was crooked. 

“No hugs for me? I know I was late but traffic was shit.”

She jumped up at him and cuffed his neck with her hands. Tears begun falling from her eyes and she hugged him tighter, her emotions much overwhelming. 

Luke chuckled and hugged her waist as he entered and closed the door. 

He sat on the sofa and buried his head in the dip in between her neck and her shoulder. 

He breathed in her scent and they sat like that for a long while. 

It was after about two minutes that Madeline untangled her hold and sat up on his lap. She cradled his face in his hands. 

“I’ve missed you so much Luke.”

He grinned and kissed her. 

“Miss is an understatement.”

He kissed her again and this time Madeline enveloped herself in the kiss. 

It wasn’t fast. It was slow. Like they were both trying to salvage the moment. 

Luke pulled back and cradled her face. Tears were falling, but he didn’t ask. He understood. 

Sometimes, he was so overwhelmed by how she felt for him. The surprise was because he never thought she would feel as strongly for him, as he felt for her. 

He stood up again, and Madeline tightened her hold again. 

“Where are we going?”

“I need to get my bags.”

She frowned. “How long?”

He knew she was asking how long he was going to stay, but he didn’t answer. He wasn’t going to dampen her mood. 

Mercifully, she dropped it. 

“Do I need to come down?” She asked, pouting. 

“I think so.”

Like grinned apologetically as she came down. 

She held her hands in his, as they walked together. 

Still holding her hand, he used his another hand to open the car and bring his box out. 

He turned to face Madeline. She looked surprised. 

“A box. That’s… Surprising.”

She said nothing else, and he knew it was because she didn’t want to ask how long he was going to say so that she wouldn’t be sad.

They got inside and he entered into the bed room. 

She sat on the bed and watched him as he removed his clothes. He smirked at her, and she blushed. 

He chuckled. “Thought you had gotten over that.”

She rolled her eyes. “Talking like you don’t like it.”

He grinned again. “You’re almost right. I love it.”

He paused from un buttoning his cuffs and walked to kiss her softly on her lips. 

She cradled his face and kissed him more roughly.

He left her with a grin and continued to remove his cloth. 

“You’re hungry.”

She blushed. “What can I say? I haven’t eaten in two months.”

“Hard to believe.”

He winked playfully and kissed her again. 

He removed his boxers and watched her as she looked at him. 

“You like huh?”

She nodded. 

“I need to shower. Don’t worry. I won’t take long.”

True to his word, in about five minutes, he was out. He hadn’t let water touch his hair and it’s was only on his body that was dripping water.  

He wore boxers and climbed on the bed beside her. He cradled her face gently in his palms and moved towards her until his lips touched hers. 

Her breaths begun to come faster as she kissed him back. 

Luke slipped one hand in her hair and ran his hand through her scalp. He moved his hands down, and removed the slim hand of the top she was wearing. 

Very softly, he cupped her breasts in her hands and played with her breasts.

She moaned softly in his mouth and pushed herself closer to him. 

She removed her face from his and breathed in deeply. 

“When are you leaving?”

He continued playing with her breasts and moved down to suck her neck. 

She chuckled softly and raised his face up.

Luke looked at her, blood pounding in his ears. He didn’t want to talk about this. 

“Talk to me Luke.”

He left his face in her neck.

He said something that sounded muffled.


“Next three months.”

Madeline gasped. “Are you serious?”

Luke was still sulking cause she was depriving him from what he wanted, but he raised his head up and looked at her, trying to look enthusiastic. He didn’t want to tell her. He knew it would be harder when her left. 

He decided to tell her the rest. 

“The company says they wouod reduce my travelling.”

He looked up at her, surprised at the dampening in her eyes. 


She cradled his face. “This is good news.”

He nodded. “Anything can happen. I didn’t want to tell you cause I didnt want to hurt you if it didn’t work out.”

“Thank you for telling me Luke.”

He nodded, and kissed her. This time, she willingly gave herself to him. 

She put her hands in his hair, and fitted herself to him. He carefully removed her top and ran his hands through her stomach and let his hands inch  downwards. 


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