In a sense, I’m close to my mum. 
I don’t tell her about guys I liked or have liked, or personal stuff like things I face. I don’t. 

However, I am close to her. I tell her sometimes about my day, about what was discussed in my sewing lessons (the other person learning with me is a mom with three kids, my teacher is also married though young) so you can understand that I don’t talk to them about normal teen stuff. 

I relate very well with elder people. At least, elder people that aren’t annoying, so we are good. 

So yeah. That’s pretty much it, but I m still close to my mum. I still make fun of her, tease her too, when she isn’t been cranky. 

She doesn’t know a lot of things as I said. She doesn’t know that I have a blog for example. She knows I read books, but she doesn’t know the genre. 

I don’t have a problem with not telling her these things. I’m fine by myself. 

Anyway, I’m not here to talk about stuff my mum knows or doesn’t know about me. 

I want to tell you about how it was when I wasn’t close at all with my mum. I went to a boarding school all through high school, and unlike a lot of my mates, I didn’t look forward to going home. Going home meant shouts with parents (not me.), endless chores, and lot of other annoying stuff, so I like staying in school. 

Reason was, my mum and I never understood each other. For a long time, all she did was just to make sure her will was to be done. No one else spoke. My mum is lovely, but at this time, it was not hidden that I didn’t like it. Didn’t like her most of the time. Most times at home then I always stayed in my room cause staying in the sitting room with the parents just got me depressed. 

It all changed one evening, I think I was either in year ten or eleven. Not sure. I was pretty much fed up, and while my heart was hammering in my chest, I told my mum I needed to talk to her. 

My mum is easy to talk to. She can be happy and cheerful with you, and you only get scared to talk to her when she’s in a bad mood. 

However, I knew I was about to voice the things about her that I didn’t like so I was naturally scared. Though my need to get it out if my chest over powered the scare about telling her. 

I told her a lot of things. We discussed extensively. I told her the things she did I didn’t like. How she brought back things I had done for long, how she compared me with people, even my siblings. 

She listened thankfully. I cried at some parts, cause I’m quite emotional, and talking about things that affect me to someone makes me cry. 

After I finished, she apologized, and then gave reasons for some things she did. Sometimes she admitted  she had gone about it in a wrong way, and it was was a strong break for me. 

I shedded a lot of tears that evening. 

From that day guys, we understood each other, and we had a bond. It wasn’t one where I told her all of my secrets, cause I can’t do that, nor do I consider it, but we got to a place where we understood each other, all because of communication. 

So what am I saying? Communication solves a lot of things, but then, sometimes communication isn’t easy, especially when we consider the way the individual acts when you say you have any problem about the person. 

It’s not easy, but sometimes it’s very necessary. 

Sometimes we just need to  communicate to people. 

Communication helps a lot of relationships. Work relationships(err…not sure about that😼), Family relationships, Friendship, Love relationship.


So that’s it everyone. I hope you liked it. 

Have you tried voicing to anyone your problems with the person? How did they react? 

Feel free to share your opinions concerning the post.