Hi everyone!! How y’all doing (Is that Texan? 😐I don’t know man) 

I’m in a weird kind of good mood. Not smiling wide and crazy but just… Not sad. It’s morning here, and it’s probably because I woke up with less aches than usual. 

I’ll tell you how my morning was (When I woke up. Still on the bed). I took my phone (of course), checked WordPress (as per usual). Liked some posts, commented, and then went to YouTube. I don’t really go to YouTube much because it swallows my data real quick. Anyway, I had to make an exception today as everyone was just writing about the victory of DJT (I trust you don’t expect me to spell that out for you) and I was pretty much sick of it, so I decided to go to YouTube. When I opened the app, I pretty much just scrolled down and saw something of Jelena (You know… Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez) and you know once you open one of the videos, you keep seeing other things to click on, and I stopped at his interview disposition something (You know right? Pssh! I don’t.) when my mum called me. 

So you’re wondering. Where is she going to talk about the group chat thing… Chill. I’m getting to it. That was just an introduction to wake you up. And you’re becoming like… WTF is up with this girl? I am not sleeping. Whatever. 

So yeah. Where were we? Group chat phobia. 


I finished high school last year, and after that, someone in my set created a whatsapp group chat. At the beginning, it was annoying. Like… If I put of my data off and put it back on in five minutes, my phone fucking blows up. Luke ten thousand fucking messages. 

I kinda understood. Like… Reunion and stuff. Whatever. 

Anyway, I never actively participated, like… I mean, I was an audience. After classes and I go to my room and there’s pretty much no one I want to talk to, I open the chat, and it never ceases to make me laugh. 

But I never said anything. 

Sometimes I see they’re talking about something that I really want to drop an opinion but I’m not so brave. Even to ask a question. I fidget like crazy. One time I commented and I put my data off immediately cause I want sure what the reply would be. The response wasn’t so bad, but I told my self I wasn’t going to say anything again. The other time I did it a video was put on the group chat and I asked the name of the song that was played in the background of the video. 

I went offline too. 

Later when I came back, I saw someone replied me, and that’s pretty much it. 

Like…there are people who constantly talk on the group chat that whenever I have something to say, I just… Say nothing because I don’t feel…confifent. 

So yeah. On to you. Are you an active participant in group chats? Or you creep…just like me(😐) Or do you need to be very familiar with all the people in the group chat before you feel comfortable to put a comment. 

I’m awaiting your replies. 

No goodbye for today yet, as I “may” still reply to today’s daily prompt  (for y’all who are in love with my short fiction😉). So see ya later (Texan? The fuck man? I don’t know!) 

Today’s question: Do you have a belly button that comes out or nah? Mine is inside. 

Now you should know you can tell me these things. Your secrets are safe with momma😎