“Mom I don’t want them!”

Grace shook her head, getting pissed at her first daughter who had just turned thirteen the last month. 

Just like that, her baby girl had begun to have a mind of her own. It was annoying as it was lovely, but there was no debate on this. 

“Do you know how much vegetable helps?”

“Oh mom please. I know. I’ve heard it since forever. Sure you were already letting me know when I was in your stomach.”

She pouted frowning, and it was moments like this that made Grace know that her daughter, Allie, was still a child. She was calling the womb stomach. 

“Allie, I don’t care about all you are saying. You aren’t going anywhere if you don’t eat this vegetable.”

Allie who was shooting death glances to the wall flashed her eyes to her mother’s. 

“But you promised I would go to see Nessie! Mom!”

“I agreed on a condition did I not?”

Allow rolled her eyes. “Yes mom! You gave me curfew!”

Grace sat down, already getting tired of this debate. 

“Curfew is normal Allie. You have curfew everyday. Eat the vegetable, or you go nowhere.”

Grace crossed her legs and took her phone, scrolling. She needed mo one to tell her that Allie was giving her looks that could burn. 


Grace sensed the change and turned to her daughter. She was smiling.


“Can I take it up to my room?”

Grace did not reserve the smile that graced her face. Did she think she wasn’t a teenager like her some years past? 

“No Allie. You eat it here, or no outing.”

Allie muttered to herself but begun to stuff the vegetables in her mouth. 

“Vegecrap… Stupid vege…vegetal…nonsence”

Grace smiled to her phone, but didn’t let Allie know she was listening to her muttering. 

After about five minutes, Grace heard the loud sound of metal being thrown on plastic. She turned to look at Allie who had a sour look on her face. 

“Can I go now?”

“Sure. After you wash your plate.”

Allie stood up and went to the sink, careful not to wrinkle her gown. 

Grace smiled ruefully as she watched her daughter sway get hips to no music as she washed her plate. 

She knew Allie and Vanessa were close friends, but she knew the main reason for the visit was to sight Taylor, Nessie’s older brother.

Grace sighed. Everything was going fast, but yet slow. 

She saw Allie coming towards her and she straightened. Allie hugged her tight. “I won’t be late.”

“Is Nessie around already? “

“No. Taylor is bringing her here with his car.”

A blush stained her cheeks as she mentioned his name and she quickly skipped out of the parlor.

Taylor was seventeen, a senior.

As Grace stared at her departing figure, she saw another figure come into her view. 

She knew from the scent that it was her husband, Eric. 

She smiled at him.

“What was all that noise about?”

Grace giggled guiltily. 

“Oh. Vegetables then.”

He smiled at her and also watched with her as Allie entered the car.

“So fast isn’t it?”

Grace stood up and walked to where he was standing by the window. 

“”Yes. So fast.” She whispered, as she stood on her toes to kiss him deeply. 


Hi everyone! This is my response to the daily prompt, vegetal.  Second post today. You haven’t read the first? Go ahead and do that.

How many of you here were like Allie sometime when you were thirteen, or how you are now, if you aren’t thirteen yet. 

Did you like the post? Do you love vegetables? Or do not like them? For me, vegetables are just… There. I don’t mind eating it.

Which of you go to see girl friends because of their elder brothers? πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ 

As a result of the love I have for you romance lovers(no kidding!), I added a little romance at the ending.
Hey Allie, I used your name!  Do you like veggies?