The best thing, 

Was never guessing we would be close. 

You joined our school in year seven. 

Yellow skinned looking almost albino,

Socially inept, 

And being on your own. 

Till today, I really can’t figure out how we got close. 

You’ve tried to tell me lots of times but I just don’t remember it. 

I guess the reason is that, 

Most times, when I begin a relationship with a person, 

I don’t put much thought to it, 

Mostly because I never think I could have a long relationship with a person, based solely on friemdship. 

We got closer when we got to year ten. 

We laughed a lot. 

We told ourselves things.

There was no boy related talk for the most part,

As we both had no serious experience in that aspect. 

I was never overly concerned about how I looked, 

But I basked in the fact that I could be bat shit crazy with you. 

Several times, you call me your best friend, and I introduce you as my closest friend. 

It’s probably cause I’m still waiting for the guy as best friend thing. 

There is no question about it though. 

I love you. 

I am totally comfortable with you, even while we are thousands of miles away from each other. 

While working on trimming my tummy, 

You were the one I sent the progress to, 

Absolutely certain you would not say trash. 

As expected, you teased and said you hoped I wasn’t tucking it in for your benefit.

Oh please. 

You have room mates, but when you feel lonely it’s me you turn to. 

When I got close to a guy in year twelve,

You were the one who actually believed he was just a friend,

Even if you teased me about it for forever. 

You listened to me when I complained about his girl friend talking shit about me, 

And told me not to worry. 

While  bored today, I texted you on whatsapp, and made all sort of stupid noises. 

You laughed it off, already used to it. 

You love it even. 

I asked to blow up your phone with my weird ass pictures, and you agreed. (Would have done it even if you declined).

You were the one, who while in high school, always cringed when I used the “f” word, 

But since you entered the university last year, you’ve cursed like a fucking sailor (not really) 

You’re lovely, and though I’m still stuck with my fantasy of the “guy best friend” thing, 

I love you, and appreciate the fact we got to know each other. 


Hi everyone, this poem is pretty much about a close girl friend. The reason why I don’t call her that is because I don’t tell her about some things. Not because she would not understand, because I’m sure she would, but because I don’t want her to look at me, and have knowledge of stuff I want to hide from anyone. 

I guess it’s pretty much still all about trust. 

Do you have a best friend(s)? What’s the best thing you love about having them as best friends. 

Feel free to comment your opinions about the post.