She checked her wrist watch

And discovered that she had been sitting there for an hour,

And had not finished reading a page from her book.

She came here to study, 

But she knew she couldn’t really.

Her mind was jumbled.



She didnt know what to do.

When he broke up with her,

It seemed like her world ended.


Her world ended.

She couldn’t umderstand why.

They were good.

She thought they were good.

He called in the morning to wish her a good morning,

He called in the nights to wish her a good night.

They still drank smoothies together every Wednesday afternoon.

They still held hands when they walked.

It was perfect.

At least she thought so.


She noticed he didn’t ask her on dates any more,

But finals were coming up.

He had to read.

She didnt want to be the clingy girl friend,

Who worried if a pattern changed.

She didn’t wamt to ask if anything was wrong.

She didnt want to seem insecure.


She noticed that some nights were left without a good night call,

But finals were coming.

It was his most important exam.

All she wished was for his success.

She told herself, 

Everything was going to return back to the way it was after finals.

After finals.

The time he turned her world upside down.

Her world that had been sitting in a perfect position.

Not shaking.

Emduring storms.

It bcame chaotic after finals.

She still remembered waiting at the gate for him.

Wanting to hug him tight and kiss him.

And let him know she was there for him.

To support him in whatever he wanted to do.

They had their future planned.

It was all they discussed about in pillow talks.

So when,

After finals,

He asked to see her on Wednesday,

She thought it was for their usual smoothie.

But no.

He told her he could not continue.

That every thing was too predictive.

He said he wanted something new.

Something refreshing.

A breath of fresh air, 

He called it.

He left her, with her smothie,

And said it was all over.

After three years.

It was over.

All her friends said she should be grateful.

He broke up with her in face at least.

He didn’t do it through a text.

But how could she be grateful.

Her life was never going to be the same again.

She took her handkerchief,

And wiped the tears that were on her face,

Amd tried to get back to reading.

An impossibe feat,

With her mind a chaos.


Hi everyone, this is my response to the daily prompt, chaotic. Dif you like it? Feel free to share any opinion you have comcerning this post.

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