Hi everyone. I’m going to tell you about my day(yesterday as of now that I am finishing with the post) which is what you see in the heading, several shades of shit.

A few days ago, I was supposed to go to ny high school which I graduated from last year to collect my statement of result and testimonial for the screening process for entering the university.

I went today however. 

This morning when I was preparing to leave with my mum, I came out of the room and she begun saying I couldn’t folow her with what I was wearing. This is not the first time she was going to do this, and this is not the first time I wasn’t going to budge. 

She told me I was going to my high school so I had to wear something better. As in…serious wears, and I do NOT like formal wears. If I can aviod them, I avoid them, but mum had other ideas. She begun talking, and I kept quiet(I’ll probably talk about why that is in some other post). Anyway, she told my dad, he also begun talking (shouting) “Do what your mum told you to do”. I kept quiet, went to my room, and begun searching hangers for cloth. Of course I still had the one I wanted on. If you’re wondering what it was, it was a simple top and skirt. After a while my mum later called me and said we should go. It was easy to see she was pissed, but she got over it.

I am not a person who likes been scolded (who does?) and if I am, my mood totally changes, and you know it. But lately (since a few months ago) I’ve begun to work on myself, so I just let the morning episode go and relate easy with her. It was all good before we even left the house.

We got to her office, and from there I met my friend who was with her mum in a car so they took me to the school. It wasn’t so bad. I spoke to a few teachers, they were all nice (even though they continuously looked us over and asked if we had entered the university). Of course they were glad to know we were in university. That’s the joy of a teacher. To see that someone they taught is doing well. 

Anyway, I got the result and testimonial and there was no hitch. Except one where while rain was falling amd I was trying to run for cover my slippers removed from my leg amd for a few seconds I stood in the rain as if contemplating whether to pick it or just go bare on one foot(πŸ˜‚).

Of course I went to take it and after that we left and they dropped me at a stop where I would enter a bus to take pass port photographs that I was going to need for registration.

This is where the Shits begun.

When I got to the place I was going to turn and walk to the place to take the photograph, I saw two alike streets, and I wasn’t sure which to turn to. I went to the left, walked down, saw nothing familiar, then I left the trail and wekt to that on the right. After a while, I became confused again and I went to the left.

Again, I went to the right. After a while of indecision, I decided to go to the left. I walked down, and since I like to trek, it was not much hassel as the place was quite far.

Anyway, since this place I’m passing is a market area, I had people calling me and trying to make me buy their goods. By this time, I was still in a good mood so I just gave them my dirt eyes and removed their hands from mine amd went my way.

I got to the place I was going to take the photograph, took it, and left, to go to my mums office so we could go home together when she was going to close.

By the time I got to her office, I was dead tired. I jusy wanted to rest, but it didnt work out that way. After my mum and I chatted about how the school was and stuff she then asked me for the receipt I was given for the money I paid. I told her that I wasnt given any receipt, that the guy there wasn’t giving any body receipt, that he just wrote your name down, and you come to pick it the next day when it was already processed.

As my mum heard this, she said I had to go back there. You can imagine my joy as I heard this.

She said I had to go there immediately, that if I didnt have a receipt when I go the next day to collect the photograph they would begin to say they had no idea of who I am and that I didn’t pay any money. Of course that is very possible, but knowing that didn’t make my mood any better. 

I was pissed, but that was apparently just the beginning of the shit happenings.

I was tired and annoyed and as I left and entered the market area, the men begun calling and trying to drag whoever they could to their stalls. I was in no mood for dirt eye, and I felt like I could slap someone if provoked.

Of course, these guys knew nothing of what I was feeling and they became coming (Just thinking of this. No woman comes to hold me or follow me to buy their goods. They might call amd try to woo you into coming to see what they sell but they won’t hold you and follow you like men would do. I wonder why…)

I gave the first (yep. They’re more than one). I gave the first guy my dirt eye amd after a few treks with me he got the message. As I moved forward, one man, I mean ass gripped my hand in a fist  and started dragging me to his stall. I was angry, and slapped his hand so he could let go of the one in his fist. I felt like steam could be seen on top of my head seriously. I won’t be suprised if he’s a kind of man that harasses ladies.

Anyway, he left me, and forward, another guy came and told me to go see his shop. You can’t imagine my anger at this point. It felt like the two other guys had fueled my anger to the point that I just wanted to…slap, punch, anything that would make him leave me…but this guy had other ideas. 

He continued to follow me, amd one time he pointed right “Thats my shop”

I still didn’t answer him, but he continued to follow. At this time, I wasn’t sure me visiting his shop was his priority now.

Quite some distance forward, he pointed again “Thats my shop”, and I wondered…I mean, he probably had two shops but I dont think so.

This guy continued to follow me and I felt like if I saw a grater I would push his head on it and grate it. Anything to make him leave me.

He begun saying “Just talk to me. Come and see my shop”

Anyway, then he started to try to hold my hand. Oh Jesus!

I stopped, removed his hamd from mine and continued walking. He followed. This time I was almost wishing I was a violent person. But I’m not. So I really couldn’t do anything.

When he continued to try to hold me, a man that then saw what he was doing then shouted that he should stop harrassing me. Thankfully, that made him leave me.

I went my way, still angry that I still had quite a long way to go, when my slippers decided to worsen my day.

It srarted to feel loose on my leg and when I checked I saw that the top was almost removing.

I was angry. Like…could my day get any better? I didn’t slow my walking anyway. I didn’t care. If it cut, I would walk bare on one feet till i saw a shoe repairer. Luckily, it took me to the place I wanted to get the receipt, and my mood which was beginning to improve got worse when as I got there to ask for a receipt then the fucker told me he didn’t give receipts. The lady who photographed me took a paper and wrote my name and said sorry. I think she understood my mood at this point.

The male, who was obviouly the boss there was saying shit and I wanted to stuff the paper in his mouth so he could just shut it, but I just left. This time, I knew there was no way I could trek back before my slippers decided to expire totally.

I took the bus and I was dropped at my mums office. When I got there, I ate, and everything was going to be better, but then, fate wasn’t just on my side.

When it was time to leave, my mood was already improved, until I learnt that my mum’s boss was going to follow us cause his car was faulty and we lived around the same area though his house was hours away from ours.

Anyway, that wasn’t the bad part. It was okay, except the man was a kind of person who couldn’t stay silent for ten seconds if he was in a company with someone. It wasn’t bad as I just smiled to myself. I had never encountered someone like that.

The trouble started after we had gone a good far distamce from the office and the car, a peugout, started writing “STOP” “EXCESSIVE TEMP” blah blah. 

We had to stop, the drivers(my mum and the boss’ drivers) and the boss went to see if they could figure out what was wrong.

Fast forward to when the boss finally removed a fuse that was obviously bad and the car was well again. The good thing about the boss is, despite him been the boss, he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. 

Anyway, we got on the road again. While in the car, I texted a friend, and told him to stay up please so that I could vent about my day to him.

After we got to my house, the plan was that my mums driver would drop us, and leave, then the boss’ driver would take the boss to his house then return my mum’s car to our house tommorow (this morning)

After I opened the door to the house, I searched for my phone in my bag and then discovered that I had left my phone in the car.

You cant imagine how elated I was at this point.

Mostlt, I felt shit about the guy I told to stay up so I could vent to him. Actually, I didn’t even sleep until I wrote a letter with my pen into my blog notebook. I felt shit, and sleep was hard in coming.

This morning, I was thinking of the apology to give to him and how I would explain when I got the phone. I got the phone(which I’m using to type this now) and messaged him immediately and explained the little I could and told him sorry.

He said he understood. Every one has bad days and all. I was really relieved at this, so I didn’t show him the letter again (planned on snapping the letter on my phone then send it to him through whatsapp).

Today, which is now that I’m typing this, I’m good now. I think fate is rewarding me for all the troubles yesterday.

I’m staying at home and not going to lesson. Yeah. My teacher is going for an appointment so no class.

So I’m good now guys.

And something else. When I was enduring the last guys pleas, I was thinking of you guys. I’m serious. I was thinking of how I would make it into a blog post amd how you all would make me feel better (this is not me trying to guilt you into being nice by commenting something sweet). I was really just thinking of you all in this blog, and it was what helped me not lash out.

Me lashing out is not a pretty thing.

So thank you all. 


Hi every one…I hope fate is nice to y’all today. Have a great day.

Oh…and feel free to comment whatever you’ll like to share concerning my several shades of shit day.

I’ll probably post a response to daily prompt later today.

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