Hi everyone. I want to make a post about How Females are high maintenance during dating and how men are high maintenance during marraige.

As much as I would like to post about it concerning the little I know, I haven’t dated, neither am I married, and I’ll like it to be very detailed with real experiences.

Any male or female that is interested can send me a message via email. femiiesther@gmail.com

I would like to have the males view, amd the females view concerning this.

The only reference I have is fiction and my parents married life and none of that is really personal so I would really appreciate if any of you who have personal experience in that would message me.

Every contributors name would be mentioned in the post except if requested other wise.

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Deadline: 10th December 2016

Note: High maintenance doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. High maintenance can mean demanding, and to some women,may mean raising their standards with the kind of people they want to date, and responsibilities he needs to fulfill. It can also pertain to the man either before or after marraige, same to the woman.