Amelia was FREAKING out. 
She had no idea on what to do, and for the millionth time, she was cursing herself for playing the truth and dare game with the two most brutal females in the world, who were unfortunately now, her best friends.

It was a fun game, and the spot light never stayed on her for too long. That was until Christian Mason’s name came up, and that was a week ago.

After so much prodding from her friends, she had given up amd told them about him being her crush. If she had known this was what they would make her go through, she would have sealed her mouth shut, and said nothing.

However she was here now, and she knew it was the best of the two options they gave her. Since she and Christian exercised in the same gym, they had told her to talk to him, or one of them spoke him into havimg a date with her. As if that wouldn’t have been enough, they said they were going to make her up. Give her a whole re do, and she knew the two of them. They would go way over board for a first date that wasn’t techincally a first date anyway.

She slowed her run on the thread mill and reduced it to a walk, where she was able to discreetly (she hoped) watch him. The room had a certain charm to it. Low enchanting lights that one might even call romantic. When she begun to work on getting fit, after coming here, she had fallen in love with the place.

Christian was just a bonus. She got to stare at him and day dream about him. There was no plan of love confessions.

She breathed in deep and released it abruptly. Time was fast going, and if she didn’t braven up amd talk to him today, the two brutal angels would make their move. They never bluffed.

Another reason she choosed this was because she was allowed to talk to him about anything.

She could lie and tell them she spoke to him when she didn’t, but she was a terrible liar and they both knew it.

Two years ago when her mother died, she had succumbed to food and was going the direction of obese when her friends rescued her. She really loved the way she was now, and she felt more healthy, which was the important thing.

She knew exactly what she admired about Christian. A lot of people probably loved the hair. Sure she loved it. Brown, thick and long. The eyes were a killer gray. He wasn’t overly tall, but she wasn’t very particular about heights for men. She gueessed him to be about a six foot.

The one thing that made her eyes glue to him was his vigor.

She could be climbing some ropes while she watched him. The way he raised those weights. It was sinfully sexy. He never worked out shirtless, but really, anyone could tell tales about what was underneath those tee shirts.

She found herself needing water when she watched him.

She loved watching him. She loved the thrill it gave her. She didn’t want to talk to him because she knew she was going to be awkward.

Awkward. She sighed, stopped the machine and looked back at the mirror. She liked how she looked. She wasn’t overly pretty. She was average at twenty two years of age, and she didn’t mind. She wasn’t working out in a craze for guys to like her. She was doing it because she liked the feeling it gave her. She felt in control of herself when she was able to work out and see the progress. Her stomach wasn’t overly flat yet, but that was okay. Her bum had sure reduced, but it had taken on an altogether sexy shape. It was what the brutal angels told her at least, and she knew it. Her boobs that weren’t ever really big hadn’t experienced any much change, so no worries about that one. Sometimes she felt Christian watched her, but she couldn’t be sure.

She looked up at the clock and saw that it was nearing thirty minutes to six.

Clenching her hamds in a fist and releasing it after a few seconds, she took her water bottle and gulped water from it, and then held it in her hand and sauntered towards him.

She was going to do this.

She put her ear piece in her ear and tried to let that one distract her in the short way remaining to reach him. He had just finished sit ups, and he had begun on the weights.

She got to him just as he was lying down to raise it up again. It was awkward. Okay not really.

He saw her and dropped the weights then sat upright.

Amie was clenching her fists that were in the tight hold of her water bottle, and hoping to God he wouldn’t notice that she had just been staring at his arms.


She said. She sounded small, and she wanted to kick herself.


His voice was rich and deep, and Amelia felt her insides quiver. The butterflies she had no idea were there were awoken and in serious motion.

She didn’t know what to say. How the hell had she not taught of that?

“You do weights?”

She shook her head, and then knew she had to talk.

“Not really. More of runs though. Jumps amd rope climbing.”

He nooded. “Stuck to that when I started going to the gym. Was crazy scared of weights.”

A giggle sounded from Amelia and Christian smiled at her. Her heart doubled over.

“It’s funny I know.”

She laughed this time, and her heart was beginning to get surprisingly normal.

“You wanna try?”

She blushed. “No. I mean, look at me.”

He stared at her. “I’m looking at you.”

She flushed deeply. This was a freaking romance novel. Did guys read romance too? That line was supposed to only appear in a romance novel. Not that she had ever seen it in one, but it sounded too much like what you would see in a fiction romance novel.

She knew her cheeks were getting more pink, and she wasn’t comfortable with him looking at her so boldly.

“I’ll start wirh the mini ones.”

He winked at her as they walked to where the bar bells were kept.


Amelia ran her hands through Christians hair as she came back to present. It was two years since that day now, and they were together.

Christian was currently  lying in the couch, his head on her lap. He was playing a car race game on his phone. No surprise.

Feeling silly, she pulled on his hair a little too hard and he jerked off her lap.

“Ouch! Babe what was that for?!”

She burst into fit fulls of laughter as she took in his expression, and he moved menancingly towards her and begun to tickle her.

“Stop! Christian please! I’ll pee on myself. Babe stop!”

She was laughing all through and Christian finally took pity on her and released her from his onslaught of tickles.

“You are mean!”

She said as soon as she had calmed down.

“That’s what you get for pulling my hair.”

They stared at each other for a while and then begun laughing again. After they slowed down, they were still looking at each other.

“What were you thinking about before you got possessed and pulled my hair? You were gone for quite a while.”

Amelia smiled slowly and knew she was blushing. 

“I was thinking of that day I approached you at the gym. About the fact that it was your vigor displayed in your exercises that drugged me to you.”

He smiled at her and walked towards her.

“Vigor uh? You never told me that was the charm.”

She rolled her eyes playfully. “Didn’t want to risk making your ego any more bigger than it already is.”

He burst into laughter as he hugged her tight.

“God. I love you!”

She wrapped her hands around him.

“I love you too.”

He put his hands on her waist and begun to let it inch down. He dropped his head on her shoulder and whispered in her ear.

“Want me to show you some more of that vigor?”

Without waiting for her reply, he carried her and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he rurned, the way to the bed room.


A bit long, so thank you for reading till the end.

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