Please don’t get impatient 

If I don’t seem open, 

Or not able to share personal things

I’m just not used 

To having anyone 

So interested. 

Please don’t get impatient. 

I’ve never had experience, 

In knowing how all these work. 

Don’t get mad.

I need lessons. 

I need you to tell me, 

If I become too overwhelming. 

Please don’t get impatient.

I’m very insecure, 

I need you to tell me

How you really feel. 


Hi you all. I hope your day has been good. Mine has been very tiring as I have begun registrations for the university. 

I didn’t have any plans of posting, but I wrote a short poem like this on twitter then decided to make it long since I am not restricted with the amounts of words I can use. 

Did you like it? Can you relate to it?  Feel free to share whatever feed back you have concerning the poem. 

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