​I’m sitting beside the window, 


But seeing nothing. 

It’s been five months since you left, 

But I haven’t been able to shake that feeling. 

That feeling of emptiness. 

I have tried to go out, 

But that has always turned out 

To be a waste of time, 

As I never seem to completely 

Get you out 

Of my head.

I probably shouldn’t feel this way, 

I was the one

That cheated after all. 

Even now, 

I cannot explain why I did it. 

There was no thrill. 

None of the pleasure 

I feel with you was there. 

I could blame the girls, 

Who told me to try it

With someone else, 

But they didn’t push me

To kiss him, 

Neither did they 

Remove my cloths, 

Nor did they force me 

To be with him. 

I did it all only own.

But I miss you. 

I miss you so much. 

Seeing you on Saturday’s, 

Being so close,

Yet so far, 

I can’t handle it. 

A second chance, 

Is all I ask for.

I’m writing this letter, 

Another of the lots 

I’ve already written, 

In hopes that you see it, 

And know how much, 

I’m sorry,

And want you back. 

                                                    To: Daniel

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Hi everyone, this is my response to the daily prompt, Missing. 

Can you relate to it?

Do you like it? 

Feel free to comment your opinions concerning the post. 

Which do you prefer?  Hand written letters or typed letters? 

I prefer handwritten letters. 

I write hand written letters💁.