Hi everyone, I’ve decided to finally post my 2016 Blogger award nominations. I had already written them down in my blog book right from the time Elm put the post up, but I got to know a few more people so I made several changes to it.

I wrote this stuff few weeks ago, and while right now I’m not at the place with some of  the people I was with when it was written some weeks ago, I’ve decided not to make any more changes, and just write what I had in my mind to post before whatever happened and drifting apart with some. 


1. Blog of the year: I’m nominating Elm for this, and she’s the one in charge of this Awards. I am awarding it to her because when I begun blogging, she welcomed me to the blog sphere and as a few hours old blogger, that does some pretty heady things to you. With time, she has also offered to help in whatever way she can. 

2. Blogger of the Year: I’m awarding this to Jily. Jilys posts are all about her musings and ramblings, but I really do enjoy reading them. 

3. Kindest BloggerAllie. Allie is a very good friend, and she is also very kind. We had most of our conversations here on Wp and it had always been a pleasure but then we furthered to Twitter and it has just made me to know her a little more, and appreciate her.

4. Most Approachable BloggerSav. He was the first teen guy I met on Wp and he was pleasant and entertained a lot of my bants and teases (A loooot of ’em!) This nomination is a pay for all the stress I caused him. Does it get better than that? 

5.Best New Blogger: El…okay she just changed her blog and now bears K. She is a new blogger (see who’s talking… Pssh! 😂) who posts about her struggles in some aspects of her life but she is a real good friend. We always have mini conversations on here. We would chat more on Twitter if she actually used the account (shh. Don’t tell her😁🙊)

6. Most Positive Blog: I’m nominating Rashmi for this. Visit her blog, and you would know what I’m talking about. Her blog oozes positivity. It could be about your skin color, body image, just about anything positive. 

7. Most Helpful Blogger: –

8.Best Looking Blog: – (I use the app, so I’m not able to view the various designs on blogs.) 

9. Most Relatable Blog: I’m nominating Regina 5000 for this. I am most times able to relate with her posts. 

10.Most Creative Blogger: –

11. Funniest Blogger: I’m going to nominate Fibit for this. While we don’t talk or anything, I find myself laughing at his posts. He’s quite famous for his excerpts. 

12. The Wild Card: Since we were allowed to chose two bloggers if nominating just one was hard, I’ve decided to nominate two bloggers for this category. The first is Puneet. While he doesn’t blog as regularly anymore, Puneet posts are most times lovely. His poems, his sometimes super short responses to the daily prompt, he earns this. The second is Devereaux. He posts really deep poems that I sometimes resonate with on some level.


I hope you all are having a good day.