​She stood still

As he continued to shout. 

It was another one of their arguments, 

But she couldn’t be quiet now. 

She had stored everything in, 

And she was not going to let him

Have the last say. 


Heart thumping, 

She muttered to herself

And walked past him. 

As she expected,

He followed her 

Her mind was made up. 

A little hit

Would not cause major damage. 

Just a hit. 

That would put him 

On the floor, 

And shut him up. 

In the space of the few minutes 

That she had thought of it, 

She already had a plan. 

First his leg, 

Then head. 

He was a strong man. 

Just hits that would make him


But she didn’t know, 

That this man, 

Her husband, 

Had been sick. 

All he wanted, 

Was a little support from her, 

So that he would have enough bravery

To tell her, 

But once again, 

They were arguing. 

She took the baseball bat, 

And hit his leg with it

Sending him to the floor. 

Just as he was about to stand, 

She became scared, 

And hit him force fully

On the head. 

He never beat her 

But she knew he was angry, 

His control could snap. 

And once again, 

She hit him hard, 

And again. 

Eyes open, 

But unseeing. 

And then, 

She realized she wasn’t hearing whimpers

Or cries. 

Everything was still. 

Suddenly scared, 

She dropped the bat, 

And as it reached the floor

It echoed loudly. 

Eyes wide open,

She stared at the limp figure

On the floor

Refusing to believe, 

That he was anything

But unconscious. 

She left the kitchen immediately,

And saw her children, 

All looking at her. 

With eyes of anger. 

Even her five year old daughter. 

She saw hatred, 

And she ran. 

Never let anger control your actions. 



The first news my mum was visited with as she entered the office was that a man, a man considered good by all he had encountered, was dead. 

From what has been heard, his wife hit him, and that is what caused his death. She is said to be in the custody of the police right now. 

It is said that he wasn’t ill prior to their fight. 

My mum is still very much shaken by the news. 


Hi everyone, this poem is based on the little that I know concerning this man’s death. 

He apparently died just this Saturday. I don’t know him. 


I hope you all are doing well.