He watched

As she begun arguing

About donating her hair. 

He loved her hair, 

But every few years, 

She donated her hair, 

To be used 

As wig, 

For children

With cancer. 

It was maddening 

The way she never budged, 

But at the same time, 

He admired her. 

He liked that she didn’t change her mind

When it came to that. 

She was a lovely woman. 




Not easily provoked, 

But then, 

She could be firm as well. 

He liked that 

She could argue with him, 

When she wasn’t agreeing 

With what he said,

But at the same time,

Listen to what he had to say. 

And agree, 

When she was wrong. 

She was maddening in a lot of ways, 

But he liked her.


He loved her. 

And now, 

He begun smiling, 

And she replied that,

With a frown directed at him. 

He moved closer to her, 

And hugged her. 

Sealing her mouth shut with his own

And conceding

That she had

Once again, 



Hi everyone, this is my reply to today’s daily prompt, Maddening

Did you like it?

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I hope you are well.