Loosing her baby to a miscarriage wasn’t something she was able to take easy. For all the almost three years since they had been married, she had not once conceived. It was a huge thing of dissapointment for her, as children had always been in her plan of things in her married life.

Since she conceived, she had been very careful, reducing her exercises to a minimum, even letting some sexual positions be on a pause, and yet, she had a miscarriage. Since it happened three weeks ago, she hadn’t been herself, hiding away from every one except him. 

He watched as she walked

Into the living room

Looking gloom. 

Her posture looked dead

Having no care 

He stood and walked to her

Cradling her in his arms, 

He hugged her tight

Intent on no fright

She gave in easy

Became limp, 

Succumbing to his comfort, 

Knowing now he was her only fort. 

He carried her to the room,

Whispering words to stop her gloom

She responded with tears, 

Letting go of all her cares, 

Pouring her eyes out, 

Clutching his arms tight

A bout of misery

Coming out so fiercely 

He held her till she was sated, 

Knowing she agreed it was fated. 





I looked through my reader so many times looking for the daily prompt but found none. I however found another blogger using the word moody as the daily prompt and decided to use that. 

I know I haven’t been as active as usual and that is because I have been very busy, that the only alone time I have is when I want to sleep and by then I’m already very tired. 

Anyway, I’m here after four days? of not posting. 

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