You treated me bad

You young lad, 

Blocking  all the memories, 

I did what was right. 

I left you. 

But most times, 

I am tortured with the thought. 

Of what could have happened 

If I stayed with you. 

So many times,

I wonder

If I was too abrupt. 

If you could have changed 

I’m tortured with the memories 

Of the times together

Now the lies,

The cheating, 

And the betrayals, 

Seem so intangible a reason

To have left you. 


We often feel this way when lonely. Questioning decisions that seemed right at the time we made them.



Hi everyone, how are you all doing? Well I hope. 

Did you like the poem? 

Fell free to give whatever feed back you might have. Whether you can relate with it, or just about anything you’ll like to say concerning the poem. 

Also, I am in a church retreat, and there’s barely internet access, so I would not be active for a few days. When I get back however, I would try to catch up on what I missed from you all. 

That said, I’m wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. Whether you’re chrismassy, or not chrismassy like me, I hope you have a good time.