Fine wines😍

Hi guys✋✋✋✋

Hope y’all are good and down from the Christmas high. If you’re still on it, good for ya.

Anyway, I’ve been absent for a few days due to almost no light which means I can’t charge my phone to do anything on the blog which is what I use to access WP and the connection here is shit which means even if I wrote a post I wouldn’t be able to publish it. 

Anyway I’ve left the retreat which I spoke about in my last post, and right now  some where else which is not home. 

So yeah. I want to tell you about how my day went. Quite cheerful if I say so myself.

Yesterday I wasn’t my self cause I was having ya know that unpleasant visitor that comes each month and doesn’t know how to take a break, so yeah. I wasn’t feeling any better this morning and I just wanted to stay in bed but my mum said I should go out that lying in bed wouod do no good.

My uncle had come with his kids to take I amd my siblins out to a love feast organized by ICAN members blah blah where families bring different food and stuff and everyone share it around. Yeah so I went with an indifferent mind but I had a fun time. 

I’ll run through it for you. 

It was done in a place that had gardens and zoo and amusement parkish things. We started and it was okay. Families brought their kids so there was a good number of teenagers there as well. 

After some introductions with the members and some fun jokes made by the MC we decided to enter this boat to just go around. 

It isn’t a boat? I wouldn’t call it that. It was bloated kinda balloon like. Anyway we wore life jacket and all the likes and well it was okay. 

After that I walked towards a Francine Rivers book I had been spying since I saw it and I asked this girl if she was the owner and we bonded immediately over books. We read the same kinda books and chatted and it was fun. 


The Lions Den. 

We saw the lion first and it was eating at the time. I was trying to bang the barbed stuff to gain it’s attention but well it was too absorbed in its food so I didn’t get much reaction except it’s shooting me its dirt eye. 

Next was the Crocodile… Or was it alligator? Don’t know. 

Okay when I saw whatever it was at first I thought it was dead cause it was still as a shoe you place on the floor withoit moving it (sorry. That’s the best explanation that came to mind.) It was later another family came and a woman there told me it was a prank to make people think they are sleeping so you came close and then they pounce. One was lying on the floor (obviously Esther😦) with its eyes closed and the others posture was more creepy. It’s mouth was wide open but the body was still. Yeah. Creepy. 

On to the next which is…… 

The Monkeyyy 😄😄

Ah… This was the most fun encounter with the animals…or not. Depending on what you think. Anyway, when we got there, there was this one that came close and let people touch it’s body. Fingers, toes, everywhere. It seemed as if the other one got jealous so it also came close. I thinking he also wanted some affection attempted to touch it fingers anf it grabbed my finger😫😫🙊. To say I was terrified at that moment was an understatement. I was freaking scared and screamed so loud. I stayed there for a few more minutes and steered cleer of the violent one. 

On to the Goose.. Geese… Don’t know. 

It was cool…calm so I left that one. 

The next one I saw was another specie of monkey. I didn’t stay long at that one but I was told it was friendly as well. After that I saw the tortoise that barely moved a limb so we left that place and viewed some dancing competitions and then I went to a play ground of sorts. 

There was this donkey like thing, swing, some climbs… I think I had the most fun there. I let my cousin and brother push me in the swimming then I climbed to donkey that was obviously for kids but I couldn’t care. I wasn’t self conscious or thinking of what anyone would have thought and I enjoyed myself. 

I would’ve have taken some pictures to share with you but well my phone chose to be dead at that time. So convenient. 

Anyway, we were about to leave and I had little or no pain. Probably because I was still high on the excitement (I’m feeling the pain now. Big time😑😑) 

My uncle decided to tell me about this girl who is in her fifth year I school studying law. Here law is a five year course. She is also writing ATS exam. An accounting related exam that once you finished the five stages you would be a chartered accountant. It was impressive. She would be bagging a LLB degree and also she would be a chartered accountant. Impressive. 

Since I’m studying law in the university my uncle told me I could also decide to write the exam but well I said I would give it some thought, plus since I did a foundation course in the university that pretty much was studying three secondary school subjects but in a higher level that had nothing to do with law, I would rather enter it first and see what it’s all about so yeah. I’ll give it some thought. 

We went to my uncles house then and we saw that he had gotten two dogs. They are German Shepherds. Bruno and Chelsea. Chelsea the girl who is elder and has mean eyes while Bruno the male wasn’t so mean though they barked a lot. When Bruno’s mouth was shut for bath I caressed its head and it’s body and it was cool. Didn’t go near Chelsea though. 

Anyway, that’s pretty much how my day went. 

I’m working on a few awards that I’ve been nominated for so that’s going to be coming soon. I’m going to be posting my 2017 blogging schedule soon as well so yeah. Look forward to that. 

If you’ve had any weird /scary/ funny encounter with any animal please do tell so we can gist about it in the comment section (and so I don’t feel alone😉😉😟)

Also if you have any animal or wish to have feel free to gush about it in the comment section.