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I’m back again today as I said I would in my last post, in a technology tag. 

While reading posts by other bloggers, I came across this one by Joseyphina and i decided I was going  to participate in it. It’s short, so I would appreciate if you read till the end.  

The Questions :

1. How Many Times A day do you check social media? 

A lot of times a day…though it depends on how much free time I have. While in school I barely check social media cause there is always something to read though there are. always exceptions 😉😉

2. What is your favourite Social Media platform?

I have no favourite social media plat form as the platforms I belong to serve different purposes. This blog is majorly for my writings, Twitter is for just about anthing. Rambles, Short Poems, what I feel at particular moment, things I just wanna say, it’s endless. I use instagram majorly for watching funny videos. 

3. How much Data or Wi-Fi so you spend a month. 

It all depends. I can use 10gb a month, I can also use 5gb a month

4. Have you made any long lasting friendship online? 

No I haven’t. 

5. How many Times do you spend a day on Instagram / Face Book / Twitter.

It all depends on how much free time I have. 

6. Do you snap? 


7. Do you always have your phone with you? 

Yes and this is mainly because of the books that are on it, also to just check through when I’m doing nothing just to look busy😛
8. Who would you trust with your pass words? 

Uhh… Nah. No one. 

9. Do you use social media as a business tool? 

For now I do not. 

10. How careful are you on social media? 

I’m careful enough. 

11. Do you google everything? 

I do for most. I’ll come out with it. I google just about anything. 

12. Is your mum or dad on Facebook? 

They are both on Facebook. Apart from Whatsapp, that’s the social media they are most active on.

13. Do you get your news on social media or from an online news platform? 

None. When I see any news that interests me on social media, I go to google to give it a check and get the facts right. 

14. Do you have Pinterest? What do you use it for? 

I do have, but I realized quickly that attempting to control more than one blog like platform at once wasn’t something that would work for me, so I don’t use it. 

15. Do you have a MySpace account? 


16.Do you follow trends you see online? 

Nah. 😯😌 I do not follow trends online

17. Have you ever made something by following a blog post or a YouTube video? 

As of now, I haven’t. 

18. Who are your favorite Instagram users? 

These accounts are accounts that mostly post funny videos.

  • lelepons
  • Twan
  • Amamdacerny
  • Raydiaz
  • iamstevenpence
  • Bryantwoodtv
  • luv_jjp
  • Twyse_116
  • Johannes r Bartl

That’s all I can remember for now though I know they’re more I like😐😯

19. Do you remember your first email address? 

I Rememeber one right now, but who knows? It probably wasn’t the first. 

20. Do you use Skype and if you do how often do you video call? 

I do not video call. To be honest and not aiming to sound pathetic, there’s no one to video call. 

Quick Fire:

1. Text vs Call? 

This actually depends on who we are referring to. I would prefer messaging the people who I am wary about speaking to. Though I’m going for call. 

2. Face book vs Twitter

You really gotta ask? Twitter dude 😌😏

3. Cell phone vs Tablet

I like my things compact. Cell phone. 

4. Instagram vs Snapchat

Instagram though snapchat filter are lovely.

5. WordPress vs Blogger

I’ve never tried using the Blogger platform, but I’m here on WordPress and I love it. Plus I got to meet y’all lovely people. 

Here are technology related funny gifs and pictures to put a smile on that beautiful and handsome faces. 

So that’s it with the Technology tag. I told ya it was short😯😛.For those of you that read my last post I said there already that I was going to be publishing a post later today and here it is. I was going to back out and just answer this post in a video. Honestly, I already made the video but I decided to just type it. 

If you liked the tag, feel free to do yours. I’ll like to read it. 

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Its almost a New Year guys!!! 

Who’s stoked??!!! 

Say hello and tell me your plans for the New Year. Do you make resolutions or you’re just bleh about it?