Hi there. This is my last post of the year, which is dedicated to everyone of you reading right now. 

I’ve never done a post solely to say thank you, and that isn’t because I don’t appreciate you, but because I don’t want to reach a particular mile stone before I thank you (Though when you think of it the end of the year and the beginning of another is a mile stone but let’s not think of it that way yeah? Shh. It’s our secret). I say thank you in other ways. By interacting with you every once in a while in the comment, and just saying hello sometimes. 

It’s the end of the year now, and I don’t see a better time to say thank you to you all. 

I begun blogging September 16th 2016. That day is sort of like a birthdate to me now cause it’s stuck in my head. 

Why did I start a blog? 

Honestly, I had no firm reason in mind. At the time, I was just free, and decided to try it out. At the start, I had no idea what exactly I was going to be blogging about. If you go through my first posts, you see I tried out an inspirational post, a health related post, love related post, but I wasn’t really feeling it. I had just started blogging, so the high was still there but something was missing. 

One day I took interest in replying to daily prompts and it seemed like I found what this blog really was for. Writing is something I tremendously enjoy doing  though I had always limited myself to writing prose onlym

Then one day was making a post on a reply to a daily prompt but the post wasn’t coming out the way I wanted it to. I decided to try writing a poem that was a story, thinking it was bad since it was sorta like a first trial I was letting people see. A lot of people liked it, and I’ve let myself develop in that area. Thank you. 

While I don’t have any blogging friend I’m really close to, I have people who I chat with once in a while and it is fun. 

At the start, I told myself I was going to let this blog grow. I’m not a consistent person, I tire of things easily, but I told myself I had to make this work, and so far, I haven’t regretted it. I know it’s just three months plus, but that’s a long time for me, and I’m proud of myself. 

I’ll say just a few things about myself to you newbies in the gang that I haven’t really gotten around to knowing. 

I am a Nigerian 

I am a girl.

I like Chicken Burger and Ice cream a lot.

I love to read and write.

I like school.

I’m a Christian. 

I like dark rooms.

I read books that fall into the genres of Christian Fiction with romance, Romance, Mystery with romance, Crime with romance. Hah! I like romances… Or books that has a touch of love in it. 

I like watching YouTube videos (I need unlimited Wi-Fi in my life๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ)

I’m currently in my second year in the university studying law. 

If you have any other questions for me do comment it and I’ll either answer there, or if it’s enough to be made into a post, then I would do that. 

I want to thank the first twenty lovely bloggers that followed this blog (in no particular order) . They have played quite a role in getting this blog to where it is.

JazzElm (Happy Birthday Dear๐Ÿ˜˜)dzieyJosh WrennRegina 5000Maw BoonVonjThe Living MeCezane ConnectsBreathethinkwritereleaseChantai Robinsonbac4sccrAshejadeWriting NaturalFibitnew videosDustin MeyerThe Chaotic MindEstherFragments of my Mind

  Aside from these twenty people, I want to thank each and every one of you for everything. The likes on posts (even the blind likes…y’all who like ten posts in the space of ten seconds… I see ya! But it’s all good(not). Thank you) , the follows, the comments (hah! especially the comments), and every other thing. 

You bloggers rock!!

So me to forget where to leave from๐Ÿ˜ฐ Have A Wonderful Year
Bawling my eyes out. Y’all are the real MVPs.

Mouth kisses only for the guys please๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿ˜‹

And lastly…. 

What better way to say it than with Zayn smiling and looking so adorable?

Thank you guys!!!! 

See ya 2017!