(Longest title I’ve ever used in this blog😰)Hi everyone…

How are you all doing?  Good yeah? Today I’m going to share with you my 2017 blogging schedule as school is starting tomorrow and if I don’t want to let all the work I’ve put to this blog go to waste, I have to keep a schedule.

However before that, something interesting happened on New years eve for me. I’ll let you know that this is by far the most interesting new years eve I’ve had.
As it is for most families here, on december 31st evening we go to church and spend cross over there. So we spend it in the presence of GOD. Anyway, prior to this, there is this guy I’ve been seeing.
Yeah. Its boy talk. Yay! 
Anyway, this guy isn’t a member of the church. Christian, yes, but not a member.

So yeah, when I saw him enter the church, I was surprised, and felt giddy immediately. I mean yeah we discussed the possibility of him coming but I didn’t hold much torch to it cause he lives quite a far distance from the church, so you can imagine how much surprise I was in for. 

Almost immeiately, my phone vibrated in my bag and I checked it and saw a simple text from him.
11:50. Back.

That text alome made my heart beat so fast. I shyly looked up to where he was staying and I saw that he was already looking at me. He gave me a smile and a wink. I sqirmed in my seat and tried to focus on the pastor preaching in the podium. It was only 10:11. 

It seemed like 11:50 couldn’t come fast enough. It seemed like more than an hour before the time finally came. By the time it was 11:43, I looked to where he was sitting. Lets call him Lance. It’s his middle name anyway😛

Lance wasn’t there anymore and I suspected he had done that so that it wouldn’t look like we were leaving together.
As soon as it was 11:49 I stood up straight from my seat and walked to the back of the church, my heart beating very fast. The back of the church was the most hidden place in the church. It was narrow and small, and people rarely went there.
As soon as I saw him, standing so straight and tall and beautiful, I didn’t have much courage. He looked up and smiled at me. I returned the smile though it was a shy one. As soon as I reached him he enveloped me in a hug and kissed my forehead. I held him tight as well.

As cliché as it might sound, being in his arms was one of the best places I liked being in.
A few minues later we dis entangled ourselves and Lance stared deep into my eyes. I was entranced. As much as my heart was beating and my hands were getting sweaty, I couldn’t break my gaze away from him.

He brought his face slowly close to mine, and while I knew what was going to happen, it didn’t really register in my mind. I and Lance had never kissed, so as his cool lips touched mine… I was unprepared, but the burst of joy and connection I felt at that moment…I really can’t expalin it. It was amazing, and it seemed the fireworks were getting relentless as it seemed as if it were exploding in my ears. Lance released me and we laughed together, looking at the beautiful colored sky. 

Ugh! It was😫🙈❤
Imagine a much shorter girl, a guy with an Afro hairstyle, you’ve got the picture perfect…🙈

We begun to hear noises and we knew the service was over. Now, we were staring deep into each others eyes. He brought his lips to mine again and moved gently, as if contemplating whether to kiss me deeply or just leave it at that. 
The foot steps we begun to hear definitely didn’t deter him because he kissed me deep again, and I begun to feel light headed. He held me face then my neck and begun running his hands down my sides. 

The foot steps seemed to be coming closer and he stopped kissing me, but still held me. He was breathing so deeply and loud, as if trying to get his breath stable. It was a few seconds before he looked back up at me and smiled a little. He kissed me one more time, though chaste this time, and we begun walking to the front. 

This is by far the best christmas eve I’ve ever had and while I know it’s a bit long, everything came pouring in and I just had to.

And now… 

And an update. We’ve spoken today. He woke me up🙈🙈

Anyway, enough mush mush talk. Now on to the schedule for this new year.

SUNDAY: On Sundays I am going to be posting either replies to daily prompt or any other prompt, and a short story or a poem that I write.

MONDAY: There is going to be no posts on Monday.

TUESDAY: I am going to be posting replies to daily prompt or any other prompt, and a short story or poem that I write.

WEDNESDAY: Wednesday is my most busy day in school as I am going to be having four courses class, but I wasn’t going to settle for three posts a week. On Wednesdays, I would be posting award replies and any serie I’m doing at the time. Last year, I required contributors concerning this post and a number of people gave their suggestions. Every Wednesday starting from next week, these peoples views are going to be shared here. If you would like to participate, you can check the post and see what its all about.

THURSDAY: This is a free day as well.

FRIDAY: Sometimes last year while going through my reader, I came across the challenge, 52 weeks of gratitide challenge. Every Friday this year by the grace of God, is what would be featured.

SATURDAY: A free day.
That’s it with my schedule for the year.

Amd now, I’ll like you to know that my tale about the new eve- new year, forgive me, is all fiction. Now, what kinda writer would I be if I am not able to entertain you, which is what I was aiming towards. Sorry not sorry😆😁😋😘🙈 For what it’s worth, I’ll tell you what I was doing at the time. I was in church. Yes, but I was reading this book on my phone, a novella by Kiera Cass, The Selection. Didn’t sleep until I finished it. Pained me to see that it was only the end of part one. Serie books are so annoying. Anyway, I’m on the third book now. Yes. It’s that interesting. 

It’s sorta a toast to my fiction writing this year

All the same, I hope you liked the story.
Tell me how your new years eve-new year went.

Once again, Happy New Year!

P. S, if I got you well do say so in the comments😐😄😁