She sat on the bench

Refusing to stand up

Refusing to go to him

She watched as he waited at the other side, 

A pained expression gracing his face

His hands hugging his body lightly, 

Like he had to brace himself. 

From her rejection, 

But she didn’t let that deter her resolve 

Leaving him was painful, 

But being with him would definitely crush her

And she didn’t want that again. 

Three years ago when his abusing begun, 

Her first resolution at the beginning of each year

Was to leave him, 

But she was never able to do that. 

But not anymore. 

She now understood

That trying to keep from hurting him, 

Would just cause her more hurt, 

And she had enough of that already. 

It was time for a change. 

She couldn’t go to meet him now. 

She turned her eyes away from him, 

Stood up and walked away. 

Leaving him




Hi Wweps (Seriously. If it was twitter it would be tweeps, but well, this isn’t twitter so hello Wweps πŸ˜πŸ˜›πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜‹)

Okay on a serious note. How are you all doing? How is your day going? Tell me bout it. 

This is a reply to the daily prompt, crossing, and it’s a dedication post to the individuals, whether man or woman, that have the bravery to leave the people, who is  in this case, the boy friends or girlfriends, that abuse them in whatever way. Whether physically, emotionally, psychologically, or in any other way. 

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Also, Happy New Year.