If you read any of my last two posts, you would see there that I said I was going to be participating in the 52 weeks of gratitude challenge, and the posts wouod be shared here on Friday’s. 

The topic for the first week is asking why I started this challenge. 

When I saw this award on a fellow bloggers blog, I thought it was a good idea to do it. Now, I am normally a thankful person. I didn’t start the challenge because I felt I needed to be thankful about things in my life, but because I want to be MORE thankful.  Its not like I love challenges either. I’ll tell you a secret (shh😌). I’m not a fan of challenges, but it’s always good to pose yourself some challenges. I’m trying to build up to a better version of myself, cause I know there can be no growth without challenge, and no challenge without change. 

See it as a purpose of sorts. While thankful for things in my life, there are some things you don’t really remember to be thankful for. 

Like the sun. I don’t like the sun, and even now I’m adamant about being thankful for it, but with this challenge, I would be made to actually admit being thankful for them. I know that there are some kind of jobs that cannot survive if there is no sun, and while I’m not in that kind of job, it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be thankful for it. 

So yeah. That’s what this award is going g to be all about. It’s going to let me think, give me some challenges and you tell me what’s better than challenges? *cue sore expression. (Ice cream, burger and writing, are better than challenges duh) Though you’re writing now so…. (get out 😑) 

I’m also going to participate in more challenges as the year goes on. 

The daily prompts I reply to are challenges in itself and I feel good when I’m able to carve out a story or a poem out of a word. 

You ask me why I start this. 

You probably think it’s a lame idea, 

Or not. 

Challenges are good

And while I do not like them

I know that I’ve got to grow

And there is no growth without challenges

I want to push myself. 

To that version of myself

When I’m able to look at myself,

And have no regrets. 

Is that even possible? 

It’s said that we humans

Are the worst judge of ourselves 

It could be, 

Or not. 

I’m just here

Trying to write away

To block the things about myself

That I’m not really proud of. 

Purpose let’s me feel that

It gives me very little time

To think of that

Which I don’t like about myself. 

And I tell you,  

It’s a lot. 

The weird acts 

The nice ones too

Don’t forget the “always happy girl”,

Eager to want to talk to you

The I don’t give a fuck attitude sometimes too

And some more, 

Do a great deal

To take away 

The probing eyes of the people

From getting to really know me

But also make me seem irrelevant,

Someone that could be easily dismissed. 



Hi. This poem got away with me, you probably noticed. I was just going to write about the challenge but well, this is what we got. Apparently what I’ve been feeling like for a while now.